Passing Yards: Seattle Seahawks Player Stats

Football player throwing a pass

In the world of professional football, passing yards are a crucial metric used to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of quarterbacks. It provides valuable insight into their ability to successfully move the ball downfield through strategic throws to receivers. The Seattle Seahawks, known for their strong offensive plays, have had several notable players who have excelled in this aspect of the game. This article will explore the passing yard statistics of Seattle Seahawks players over the past decade, analyzing trends and highlighting standout performances.

Imagine a scenario where an NFL team is facing a critical third down situation with only seconds left on the clock. The outcome of the game rests heavily upon the quarterback’s ability to connect with his receiver and gain enough yards for a first down or even score a touchdown. Passing yards become not just mere numbers but tangible evidence of success or failure in these pivotal moments. By examining the passing yard stats of Seattle Seahawks players, we can gain insights into their overall performance as well as identify key factors that contribute to their success on offense.

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson

One exemplary player in the NFL known for his exceptional passing yards is Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks. With his impressive skills and strategic gameplay, Wilson has consistently showcased his ability to lead his team downfield through accurate passes that result in significant gains.

To illustrate this point, imagine a scenario where the Seattle Seahawks are trailing by four points with only two minutes left on the clock. In an intense display of skill and determination, Wilson successfully completes several crucial passes, enabling his team to advance rapidly towards the end zone. This example highlights Wilson’s proficiency in delivering precise throws under immense pressure.

When examining Russell Wilson’s passing statistics over the course of his career, it becomes evident just how remarkable he truly is as a quarterback. Here are some key facts:

  • Completion Rate: Throughout his time as a Seahawk, Wilson boasts an impressive completion rate of 64%, showcasing not only accuracy but also consistency.
  • Yards Per Attempt: On average, Wilson manages to gain approximately 7.8 yards per attempt, demonstrating both efficiency and effectiveness in moving the ball forward.
  • Touchdowns: With numerous touchdown passes throughout his career, including multiple seasons with over 30 touchdowns thrown, Wilson consistently contributes significantly to his team’s offensive success.
  • Interceptions: One notable aspect of Wilson’s performance is his ability to limit interceptions. Despite taking risks with daring throws at times, he maintains a relatively low interception rate compared to many other quarterbacks.

By analyzing these statistics and witnessing live performances like the hypothetical scenario mentioned earlier, it becomes clear that Russell Wilson is undoubtedly one of the finest quarterbacks when it comes to accumulating passing yards. Now let us delve into another prominent figure from Seattle Seahawks’ history: Dave Krieg.

Dave Krieg

Passing Yards: Seattle Seahawks Player Stats

Moving on from Russell Wilson, let us now examine the career of Dave Krieg, another prominent quarterback in the history of the Seattle Seahawks. To illustrate his impact, consider a hypothetical scenario where Krieg led an incredible game-winning drive with just seconds left on the clock, showcasing his ability to perform under pressure.

Krieg’s tenure with the Seahawks spanned from 1980 to 1991, during which he consistently displayed his prowess as a passer. His statistics speak for themselves:

  • Total passing yards: Krieg accumulated an impressive total of 26,132 passing yards over his time with the team.
  • Average passing yards per season: Throughout his twelve seasons as a Seahawk, Krieg averaged approximately 2,177 passing yards annually.
  • Most productive season: In 1984, Krieg had an exceptional year, racking up a remarkable 3,671 passing yards.
  • Longest pass completion: During his career with the Seahawks, Krieg achieved one of the longest pass completions in franchise history at an astounding distance of 86 yards.
  • Consistent performance week after week
  • Ability to rally the team when facing adversity
  • Dedication to improving skills throughout his career
  • Resilience in overcoming injuries and setbacks

Additionally, we can encapsulate some key statistical highlights of Dave Krieg’s career using a table:

Statistic Value
Total Passing Yards 26,132
Average Yards Per Season ~2,177
Most Productive Season 3,671 (1984)
Longest Pass Completion 86 yards

As we conclude our analysis of Dave Krieg’s impact on the Seattle Seahawks, let us now turn our attention to Matt Hasselbeck, who would go on to leave his own mark in the team’s history.

Matt Hasselbeck

Moving on from Dave Krieg, let’s now delve into the passing yards statistics of another notable Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Matt Hasselbeck. To illustrate his impressive performance on the field, consider this hypothetical scenario: it’s a thrilling game between the Seahawks and their archrivals, the San Francisco 49ers. The score is tied with just two minutes left in the fourth quarter. Under immense pressure, Hasselbeck takes control of the offense and leads a decisive drive downfield, culminating in a spectacular touchdown pass that secures victory for his team.

Hasselbeck’s success can be attributed to several factors that contribute to his high passing yardage. Firstly, his exceptional accuracy allows him to consistently hit targets with pinpoint precision. This accuracy enables him to complete longer passes downfield, resulting in significant gains in yardage. Additionally, Hasselbeck possesses excellent decision-making skills, enabling him to read defensive formations quickly and find open receivers efficiently. By making astute choices under pressure, he maximizes opportunities for long completions and subsequently increases his overall passing yardage.

To provide further insight into Hasselbeck’s remarkable ability as a passer, consider these emotional bullet points:

  • His deep understanding of offensive strategies allows him to exploit weaknesses in opposing defenses.
  • With an unwavering commitment to excellence, he continuously refines his throwing technique through rigorous practice.
  • Despite facing formidable opponents throughout his career, Hasselbeck remains unfazed and consistently delivers outstanding performances.
  • He has earned the respect and admiration of teammates and fans alike due to his unwavering dedication to the sport.

Now let’s take a closer look at Hasselbeck’s passing yards statistics over three seasons (2005-2007) using a table format:

Season Passing Yards
2005 3,459
2006 2,442
2007 3,966

These numbers illustrate Hasselbeck’s consistency and proficiency as a passer. Despite variations in yardage from season to season, he consistently attains impressive passing yard totals that contribute significantly to the Seahawks’ offensive success.

In summary, Matt Hasselbeck’s ability to accumulate passing yards is a testament to his accuracy, decision-making skills, and deep understanding of offensive strategies. Through his unwavering commitment to excellence and exceptional performance under pressure, he has solidified his status as one of the most accomplished quarterbacks in Seattle Seahawks history.

Transitioning smoothly into the next section about Jim Zorn, we now turn our attention to another prominent figure in the franchise’s quarterback lineage.

Jim Zorn

Passing Yards: Seattle Seahawks Player Stats

Continuing our exploration of the notable quarterbacks in the history of the Seattle Seahawks, we now turn our attention to Jim Zorn. To illustrate his impact on the team and provide context for his achievements, let us consider a hypothetical scenario where Zorn led an incredible comeback victory against a formidable opponent. This case study allows us to delve into Zorn’s performance during pressure situations and highlights his ability to rally his teammates.

During this remarkable game, Zorn demonstrated exceptional composure and precision in his passing game. His ability to read defenses efficiently enabled him to make accurate throws that consistently gained significant yardage even under intense pressure. As a result, he was able to lead the Seahawks offense downfield with impressive efficiency, accumulating passing yards at an unprecedented rate.

To further appreciate Zorn’s prowess as a passer, here are some key statistics from his career:

  • Total Passing Yards: 21,115
  • Average Pass Completion Percentage: 53%
  • Most Passing Yards in a Single Season: 3,661
  • Longest Completed Pass: 86 yards

These numbers not only demonstrate Zorn’s consistency but also highlight his ability to push boundaries and achieve extraordinary feats on the field. They serve as a testament to his skill set and exemplify why he is regarded as one of the most influential quarterbacks in Seahawks history.

As we transition into our next section about Jon Kitna, it is important to note how Jim Zorn paved the way for future generations of Seahawks quarterbacks. Through his accomplishments and contributions to the team’s success, Zorn left an indelible mark on both fans and players alike. The legacy he established continues to inspire those who follow in his footsteps while shaping the trajectory of the franchise moving forward.

Jon Kitna

Passing Yards: Seattle Seahawks Player Stats

Jim Zorn, a former quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, was known for his impressive passing yards during his time with the team. With an average of 3,122 passing yards per season and a career high of 3,844 yards in 1980, Zorn showcased his ability to make accurate throws downfield. His strong arm and deep ball accuracy allowed him to connect with receivers and contribute significantly to the team’s offensive success.

One example that highlights Jim Zorn’s prowess in passing yards occurred during the 1978 season. In a crucial game against their division rivals, the San Francisco 49ers, Zorn threw for over 300 yards, leading the Seahawks to victory. This performance not only demonstrated his ability to deliver under pressure but also solidified his reputation as one of the league’s top quarterbacks at the time.

To further illustrate the significance of passing yards in football and its impact on a team’s overall performance, consider the following:

  • Passing yards serve as an essential metric for evaluating quarterback efficiency and effectiveness.
  • High passing yardage often correlates with greater offensive production and scoring opportunities.
  • Quarterbacks who consistently accumulate significant passing yards are instrumental in driving their teams’ success.
  • The ability to amass substantial passing yardage requires skillful decision-making, timing, and accuracy.

Emphasizing this connection between passing yards and success on the field is important when analyzing player statistics. By examining a table showcasing notable Seattle Seahawks quarterbacks’ career passing yard totals (as shown below), it becomes evident how influential these figures can be:

Quarterback Years Played Total Passing Yards
Russell Wilson 2012-Present 33,946
Matt Hasselbeck 2001-2010 29,434
Dave Krieg 1980-1991 26,132
Jim Zorn 1976-1984 20,122

These numbers highlight the significant contributions made by each quarterback to the team’s success. As we transition into the next section on Warren Moon’s passing yards with the Seattle Seahawks, it becomes clear that this statistic plays a vital role in defining a quarterback’s legacy and impact on their respective teams.

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Warren Moon

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Moving on from the career of Jon Kitna, we now shift our focus to another notable player in Seattle Seahawks history – Warren Moon. Known for his exceptional skills as a quarterback, Moon’s tenure with the Seahawks left a lasting impact on the team and its passing yards records.

Warren Moon: A Legendary Quarterback

To illustrate Moon’s remarkable performance as a passer, let us consider an example that highlights his ability to consistently deliver impressive results. In a crucial game against their division rivals, the San Francisco 49ers, Moon orchestrated a stunning comeback victory by leading the Seahawks’ offense with precision and accuracy. His strategic decision-making allowed him to exploit weaknesses in the opposing defense, resulting in several long-yardage completions and ultimately securing a memorable win for Seattle.

Moon’s proficiency in passing can be further emphasized through statistics reflecting his career achievements with the Seahawks:

  • Total Passing Yards: With over [XX,XXX] yards gained throughout his time at Seattle, Moon holds one of the highest total passing yardages among all quarterbacks who have played for the franchise.
  • Seasonal Performance: During certain seasons, Moon showcased outstanding prowess by surpassing [X,XXX] yards per season. This consistency not only established him as one of the league’s premier passers but also contributed significantly to the success of the Seahawks during those years.
  • Longest Completions: Possessing incredible arm strength and accuracy, Moon completed numerous deep passes during critical moments. Some of these spectacular throws resulted in gains of more than 50 yards or even touchdown receptions.
  • Passing Efficiency: In addition to accumulating substantial yardage totals, Moon exhibited excellent efficiency by maintaining a high completion percentage and minimizing interceptions. Such discipline ensured optimal ball movement while reducing turnovers that could potentially hinder offensive progress.

These statistical accomplishments serve as evidence of Warren Moon’s indelible mark on the Seattle Seahawks’ passing game. By consistently delivering impressive performances and contributing to the team’s success, he solidified his status as one of the franchise’s most revered quarterbacks.

In conclusion, Warren Moon’s tenure with the Seattle Seahawks exemplifies excellence in quarterback play. His ability to amass significant passing yardage, coupled with strategic decision-making and exceptional accuracy, enabled him to leave a lasting legacy within the organization. As we move forward, let us explore further notable players who have contributed significantly to the Seahawks’ passing yards records.