Worst to Best Fast Food Apparel and Merchandise

The collaboration between Tim Hortons and Justin Bieber was such a success that it made us think of other fast food clothing.

It also made us wonder if Timbiebs was really good. Heck, if Drake wanted it back, that must have been pretty cool. Law?

It’s surprising how many other restaurants, brands, burger chains and more have their own line of products, from tote bags to onesies.

Here are our picks for the best and worst fast food clothing and merchandise, listed in order.

8. Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse may not be fast food, but we still think it can qualify here. We’ve also put it last on this list because it’s really kind of boring. The “Bloomin Wonderland” and “Holiday Down Under” collections are bright green and blue onesies and pajamas, and that’s kind of where it ends.

An ugly Christmas sweater has to have funny pictures, and these don’t even have a kangaroo with a Santa hat or a shrimp on the barbie.


7. Tim Biebs

Canada’s beloved coffee brand, Tim Hortons, recently teamed up with Justin Bieber, and Canada has gone crazy for it. The collaboration saw the creation of three new limited-edition Timbit flavors as well as a line of merchandise that included a tote bag, winter beanie and brown fanny pack, both bearing the “Timbiebs” name. in the playful yet nostalgic font.

Having them this low on the list is sure to draw some hate, but compared to other fast food clothing, the solid brown and limited options were hard to top.



The fast-food restaurant recently teamed up with Vancouver-based brand Frankie Collective to create a new clothing line made entirely from A&W overstock and salvaged clothing.

Although the clothes looked…interesting, it was for a good cause. There were 470 unique pieces up for grabs, most with designs stitched together with the classic colors and logo.

It’s not the trendiest, but A&W has definitely taken a big swing with this one. We would like to see more.



The Colonel & Co. collection launched for the holidays included apparel, accessories, tableware and truly coveted novelties (much better than a chicken-scented bath bomb), all aimed at Canadians who love fried chicken.

The clothes are actually quite cute, like the Colonel’s adorable Twosie built for the two, as is the merchandising, like the fried chicken laptop skin or the massive KehFC bucket seat.


4.Oscar Mayer

We don’t count the Weiner-mobile as merchandise, but if we did, Oscar Mayer should win this list, right? This whole campaign was way cooler than it was, with real models, real photo shoots, and real fast food clothes taking themselves seriously…BY OSCAR MAYER WEINERS!

Everything from stylish bucket hats to tracksuits to Nike shoe collaborations make this one of the coolest limited-edition lines.


3. Dunkin’ Donuts

The coolest aspects of the entire Dunkin’ Donuts clothing line (which is usually only released for the holidays) are how in your face some of them are and how subtle other items are.

Bold pinks, oranges, reds and whites are found on clothing, whether on camo sweatshirts or fuzzy slippers.

The most unique aspect of the Dunkin’ Donuts collection is how they market it to the wedding industry. There are tons of bridal products available, including marry me shirts, ring bearer pillows, and even bridal veils.


2. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is one of the largest hamburger chains in the world, and the clothing store reflects that. The categories available are men’s, women’s, youth and also colorful polo shirts, which sure makes you feel like you’re headed for a change.

There are tons of headwear and accessories too, and that’s where McDonald’s really shines. Fries socks, McFlurry ties and burger visors are just a few of the hipster clothing options available to buy and wear with pride.

From t-shirts to hoodies to pants, there are literally hundreds of options in the men’s section alone, and we couldn’t skip that kind of variety on the list.

We wish we could just buy the Grimace outfit.


1. Taco Bell

Taco Bell takes the top spot on this list because not only does it have as big of a clothing store as anyone else, but it also has some of the coolest yarns of any popular food spot.

Cozy hot sauce jumpsuits, scrunchies, crimped hoodies, zip wallets and more are just a few of the trendy items available in the winter clothing collection.

Simple shirts, vintage tees, punk button-ups and hipster hoodies with slogans and puns plastered all over make Taco Bell the best of the best fast food apparel.

Summer is coming, so get your hands on one of KFC’s decorated bikinis, swimsuits or sundresses.