What does the last governor’s debate have in store for us? | Featured News in New Jersey

Credit: (Screenshot by WABC)
September 28, 2021: Gov. Phil Murphy, a left-wing Democrat and Republican Party challenger Jack Ciattarelli in their first gubernatorial debate.

The final debate between the two main New Jersey gubernatorial candidates is scheduled for Tuesday, the last chance in a widely publicized forum for the two men to try to convince undecided voters to back them.

With no independent poll since their controversial September 28 debate, it is not clear whether Republican Jack Ciattarelli, a former member of the Assembly, has caught up with his attempt to topple Democratic Governor Phil Murphy. The last two polls have shown Murphy to have a nine-to-14-point lead.

Ciattarelli is likely to continue hitting Murphy on taxes, as well as his decisions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ciattarelli also tried to present Murphy’s views on social issues such as abortion as radical – for example, criticizing Murphy for pushing a bill that would codify abortion rights in New Jersey as going too far. far because it would allow an abortion at any time, even though it already is in the state. Ciattarelli also criticized the Murphy’s administration’s police reform proposals as tying the hands of law enforcement and not supporting officers.

Murphy should continue to try to tie Ciattarelli in the minds of voters to former President Trump. Trump is generally unpopular in New Jersey, having lost 16 points to President Biden, but such a match could also help Ciattarelli as many New Jersey Republicans back Trump. Murphy said Ciattarelli was out of step with New Jersey residents‘ views on social issues such as abortion rights and gun control, with Murphy rejecting Ciattarelli’s proposition that people in certain “dangerous” occupations – including realtors – should be allowed to “conceal” transport. ”Murphy also said his opponent’s opposition to mask warrants and support for vaccine choice did not follow the trend. science.

Tonight’s prime-time reunion at Rowan University, co-sponsored by NJ Spotlight News, will air live at 8 p.m. on NJ PBS stations and WNYC radio, as well as live on njspotlightnews. com, YouTube, and the WNYC and Rowan University websites.

Postal ballots, advance voting in person

There are only three weeks left in the countryside and people have already started voting by mail ballot. New Jersey will also hold its first in-person advance machine voting for nine days starting October 23 at polling stations in every county. Election day is November 2.

In addition to NJ Spotlight News, the debate sponsors are WNYC, New York Public Radio, Gothamist, and the Rowan Institute for Public Policy and Citizenship.

The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission chose the sponsors for the debate. So far, Murphy has received nearly $ 9.5 million while Ciattarelli has raised over $ 7.4 million in public dollars for his general election campaigns.

Only eligible candidates benefiting from public funding are required to participate in the debates. There are three other governor tickets on this year’s ballot: Madelyn Hoffman for governor with Heather Warburton for the Green Party, Gregg Mele with Eveline Brownstein for the Libertarian Party and Joanne Kuniansky with Vivian Sahner for the Socialist Workers’ Party.