Vegan restaurant and cafe team up to create new business in Milton | News

MILTON — Owners of a vegan restaurant in Danville and a cafe in Shamokin have come together and opened a combination of their businesses in Milton.

Bamse’s PB&J, located at 21 Broadway St., Milton, celebrated its grand opening on Friday. All foods, coffees, juices, smoothies and other selections are plant-based at the cafe – there are no dairy, no meat, no animal products, no honey.

“It’s so important to have something like this in this neighborhood,” manager James Stankunas said. “There are no 100% plant-based vegan or vegetarian establishments. We are here to provide that option. Not just for plant-seekers, but for anyone looking to improve their health and to eat healthier.

Bamse at 150 E. Lincoln, St., Shamokin, which has been open since August 2020, is owned by Daniel Montrose. PB&J Bar at 554 Mill St., Danville, open March 2020, is owned by Christian and Shannon Force.

The Forces were looking to expand and found Milton space. The location was ideal but it was just too big for the Plant Based and Juice Bar, so they sought out frequent customer Montrose as a business partner for the new venture, Montrose said.

Although Bamse at Shamokin isn’t plant-based or vegan, Montrose said he’s embraced that location’s business model. He works with vegan baker Kristen Fifield for pastries and other goodies.

A fresh coat of paint brightened up the interior space and the business owner brought in the equipment for his coffee and food. The bar was still there from the previous pub, Montrose said.

“We’re aiming for fast quality,” Montrose said. “Everything you get is top notch and we stand behind it 100%. Everything we make is plant-based. Our breakfast, lunch, and even our dog treats. Everything is vegan.

The menu has many options: coffee, latte, cappuccino, americanos, tea and smoothies. There are muffins, scones and brownies. Food includes waffles, toasted PB&J, breakfast bowls, sandwiches made with vegan alternatives, wraps, salads, and burgers.

Stankunas highlighted the “incredible burgers” handcrafted at the Danville site. It’s perfect, he said, for people switching to plants for whatever reason, from health to environmental awareness to animal rights.

“We want to be the option for them,” Montrose said. “In the surroundings there are not many options. It is a safe space for vegans and plant eaters. »

The store has been open since the end of January. Customer reaction has been positive, Montrose said.

“It speaks for itself to have repeat customers two to three times a week before the grand opening,” he said.

Tim Keeley, from Northumberland, came to the store on Friday to check out the options. Although he is not a vegan himself, he said his sister-in-law comes from Seattle four times a year and struggles to find options.

“Usually we just get ingredients and prepare the food at home. We can’t go out,” Keeley said. “It’s good. She’s going to love it here.

Bernice Heitzmen of Paxinos and Laurene Horan of Coal Township traveled to Milton on Friday specifically to check out the new location. They both know Bamse in Shamokin.

“I am not vegan. I just want a healthier lifestyle and wanted to try something different,” Heitzman said. “It is very good.”

Horan said his daughter has been cutting meat for years.

“When you get older, you want to do it the right way, the natural way,” she said.

Montrose and Stankunas also said the restaurant is a place that is welcome for everyone, regardless of sexuality, culture or race.

Bamse PB&J is open 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday.