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Nagananda plans to move SC

By Shamindra Ferdinando

Lawyer Nagananda Kodituwakku said yesterday (4) The island that he intends to take the President of the Electoral Commission (EC), Nimal Punchihewa, to the Supreme Court this week for having lodged UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe on the national list, in violation of the article 99A of the Constitution.

Lawyer Punchihewa, who was previously a member of the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission (HRCSL), could not ignore Article 99A introduced by the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, enacted in May 1988, Nagananda said. . .

Regarding the 99A, places on the national list were to be filled by members of the original NL list, submitted to the EC before the general election, or by those who were on the district lists, Kodituwakku said, adding that the section stipulated that vacancies were to be filled within seven days after the respective general secretaries of political parties and independent groups were informed of the slots allocated.

Of the 225 members of parliament, 29 are appointed by the NL.

Kodituwakku said that on behalf of Sri Lankan Vinivida Peramuna, he informed Punchihewa on July 1 via email of his decision to move SC regarding Wickremesinghe entering Parliament.

Responding to the charges, attorney Punchihewa told The Island that although the 99A specified names to be submitted within a week of receiving the information from the EC, it did not specify what action the EC might take. in case the bids have not been made. Punchihewa said that in January this year, the EC proposed an amendment regarding the NL to a group of experts formulating the new Constitution. Punchihewa said the EC has suggested that it should be constitutionally empowered to appoint NL MPs as MPs, in case the respective political parties do not make submissions within days. There was no point in denying the serious shortcomings of the supreme law, said Punchihewa, stressing the need to address these issues.

Responding to another question, Punchihewa pointed out that Article 99A should be read together with the relevant article of the Law on Parliamentary Elections, No. 1 of 1981. According to him, the Constitution and the Law on Parliamentary Elections, No. ° 1 of 1981 were silent on filling vacancies in the event those originally appointed in the Netherlands resign.