TikTok star Maia Knight launches ‘scotch and vodka’ products

TikTok star Maia Knight has released her first product line including clothes, a tote bag and phone cases.

Knight’s TikTok account was recently verified by the platform and she has over 8.1 million followers who watch her daily videos as she raises her one-year-old twin daughters, Scout and Violet.

The twins’ fans have taken to giving them nicknames, such as “Scotch and Vodka”, “Silence and Violence”, “Salt and Vinegar”, and “Saturn and Venus”, which appear on some merchandise.

The limited edition merchandise is available worldwide and includes shirts for £24, jumpers from £31, a tote bag for £22, phone cases for £21 and a mug for £11.

The logo on the merchandise sees a clear bottle with the “Scotch and Vodka” label on the front and a trio of daffodils inside.

Merchandise includes tote bag and phone cases


Knight announced on her TikTok page yesterday that the merchandise had dropped, and on her website, she can be seen modeling the clothes.

Knight rose to fame on TikTok last year after the 26-year-old single mother showcased her daily life with her twin boys in New York state, US.

She is followed by Ashley Graham who recently gave birth to twins, Malachi and Roman.

Knight is also on Instagram where she has 1.9 million subscribers and YouTube where she has over 474,000 subscribers.

Knight’s biography on TikTok states that she is “mom and dad”. In a TikTok post last year, she revealed the twin’s father left when she was seven weeks pregnant.

“I randomly decided to take a pregnancy test one morning before going to work. It was positive,” Knight said in the video.

“I made an appointment with my OB and found out I was five weeks pregnant with twins. After saying [my boyfriend]he told me to have an abortion and stop contacting him when i was seven weeks pregnant.

Knight said she was admitted to hospital with preeclampsia and “suffered from heart failure” before being taken to hospital “a three-hour drive away”.

She ended the video saying, “I had two amazing little girls who are my best friends and I realized I could do this. I had my family and friends to support me. All of my dreams are coming true. »