This Week in the Archives: New Water and Sewer, Stolen Merchandise Recovery, Hardin Park School Opening | Community

Editor’s Note: This article features news and photos from previous editions of the Watauga Democrat.

May 5, 1966

The May 5, 1966 issue of the Democrat Watauga announced that “A telegram was received Monday by Boone Mayor Wade Brown advising of a grant of over a million dollars for the construction of the new water and sewer system in the city”.

“It all adds up to a total of $3,103,500,” the article says, with $1.8 million approved by citizens of Boone, $300,000 from the state of North Carolina, and $1 million from the government. federal. Water-sewer bonds were approved by Boone voters on May 22, 1965.

“The mayor explained that the North Carolina grant will be Appalachian State Teachers College’s share of the construction of the sewer plant. They have their own water supply system,” the article said.

The project was to be divided into several segments.

The newspaper’s issue featured a photo of a performance by the world-famous Dave Brubeck Quartet at Broome-Kirk Gymnasium in Appalachia State.

The newspaper’s editorial spoke of the active development of new motels, restaurants, shopping malls, university buildings and residential communities.

“Hound Ears is still under construction, as is the Seven Devils promotion, while preliminary grading and clearing continues between Linville Gap and Linville for the Morton Golf Course complex, and work is expected to expand on the Elk River and Beech Mountain. golf, skiing and residential developments,” he said.

April 18, 1968

The April 18, 1968 edition of Democrat Watauga announced the recovery of stolen goods by the Boone Police Department. According to the article, more than $3,000 in stolen merchandise was recovered by Boone police, including $1,750 worth of saxophones and electric guitars from the Cates Music Store, believed to be in Johnson City, Tennessee.

The newspaper said Police Chief Red Lyons served warrants issued by the Johnson City Police Department, which led to the arrest of three Appalachian State University students. Other items recovered included three televisions, six radios, a record player and a stereo cassette player from the Steele Rulane Gas Company in Lenoir as well as rubber boots believed to be from the Discount House in North Wilkesboro.

May 15, 1972

A May 15, 1972 edition of the Democrat Watauga describes the opening of Hardin Park School in Perkinsville. The school held an open day on the Sunday before the newspaper was published.

“The open space that brings the whole school together, or at least some sections, makes you feel like you’re witnessing a return to an older way of studying. But really, that’s not the case,” according to the article.

“Students in grades one through two will be split into a single section, with separate areas for students to study, but the open space allows for greater freedom for inter-teaching. The third through sixth grades are in the next section and finally there is this area for the seventh and eighth grades to occupy.

“Equipment of the newest and most modern style is partially installed and when completed the school should be unequaled in condition,” the article said.

“…members of the Watauga Board of Education who circulated among visitors to the new facility last Sunday marveled at the beauty and modern surroundings inside the sprawling factory.

“A unique plan for moving into the new building is to take place during the final days of the school term. eliminate some of the inevitable confusion that accompanies such mass transfer,” the article reads.