Teenage subway worker saves customer’s life in Alabama – KIRO 7 News Seattle

ADAMSVILLE, Ala. “His name really tells you everything you need to know.

Angel, an 18-year-old Subway employee, certainly performed a miracle after a customer collapsed during her Sunday night shift at a Subway restaurant in Adamsville, Alabama. WBRC-TV reported.

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Angel, who works in the sandwich shop to earn some extra cash before starting college in a few months, told the TV station that a young woman passed out while ordering and collapsed on the ground.

The recent minor high school graduate says WBRC-TV that she took public safety and law enforcement courses that taught her life-saving skills such as CPR training.

“I was on the phone with paramedics, and they were like, ‘Does anyone out there know how to do CPR?

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“I started the chest compressions, and I said to her boyfriend, I was like, ‘Look, when I’m 30, I need you to breathe because (she) needs to. oxygen, and it turns blue.’ I did it until the paramedics got here,” she added.

The client was breathing when first responders loaded her into the ambulance, Angel says WBRC-TV.

“I’m just here to make sandwiches, and now I guess save lives,” she said.