Students, teachers and administrators prepare for school in New Jersey on Tuesday

EDGEWATER, NJ — It will be back to school on Tuesday morning for the children of New Jersey.

Tens of thousands of people will return to class. The others will return before the end of the week.

CBS2’s Kevin Rincon says more about last-minute preparations.

The empty classrooms will soon be filled with students, some more enthusiastic than others.

“I feel a little nervous, but also a little excited to be with my friends,” said Chloe Doherty, a fifth-grade student at Edgewater.

“I feel a little good. A little good, yes, because I don’t really want to go to school. I want to go a little less,” added Zachary Kurilenko, a second-year student.

They were at a Target in Edgewater doing some last-minute back-to-school shopping on Monday night.

At the American Dream Mall, while the kids enjoyed the rides, the parents worked to find deals.

“Pink, they had a sale, so we went there, and then this store, new to us,” said Cheyenne Vargas of Cumberland County.

“And then at Angry Birds Golf, we had a little bottle of water, which is great for back to school. It was on sale for $10,” Jersey City‘s Kristen Merritt added.

They were taking advantage of the New Jersey duty-free vacation, a program that will be brought back next year. As parents will tell you, every little bit counts.

“It’s a good thing for everyone to save a little money,” Jersey City’s Richard Basili said.

“I know it’s going down now, but it’s nice to have this relief for parents to not have to pay this almost 10 per cent extra,” added Gilda Lldra from Hoboken.

Among the school districts to return on Tuesday is Edgewater. You can be sure schools will be buzzing with children, parents and teachers.

Also returning to the classroom, the state’s largest district in Newark.

“For most students in the district and for most adults, business will be business as usual,” said John Abeigon, president of the Newark Teachers Union.

Abeigon said the summer was spent welcoming new employees.

“We get new hires literally every hour. Unfortunately, we also get last minute resignations,” he said. “It might be a bit of musical chairs, but we’re prepared for it. We’re ready.”

The return to class in Newark will be almost back to normal. There will be no temperature checks, health screenings or weekly tests, but masks will still be required.

CBS2 will have full back-to-school coverage on Tuesday morning. The Superintendent of Newark Schools will join us live on our CBS News New York streaming service at 7 a.m.