Stelton: ‘No excuses’ for Mariners with 22 playoff expectations

Regardless of the end of the MLB lockdown and the start of the next baseball season, one thing is clear about the Seattle Mariners at 710 ESPN Seattle. Bob Stelton.

“I said this year’s tagline shouldn’t be an excuse,” Stelton said in Thursday’s edition of Wyman and Bob.

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What Stelton was referring to is that the Mariners are doing their best to end their 20-year playoff drought, especially when it comes to ending an offseason that got off to a good start before the start of the lockdown in December.

The Mariners have already signed reigning American League Cy Young Award winner Robbie Ray and acquired 2021 All-Star Adam Frazier, but the list is far from complete. There is a need for depth in the starting rotation and the lineup still needs a bat or two. Kyle Seager’s departure also leaves a hole at third base that has yet to be filled.

Seattle has reportedly shown interest in All-Star sluggers Kris Bryant and Trevor Story, who are still free agents, and we recently covered the possibility of bringing former National League MVP Freddie Freeman onto the roster, although at this point he has not been reported as a Mariners target.

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With the M’s having a young core after a 90-win season in 2021 and Baseball America’s top-ranked farm system, Stelton wants to make sure the pressure is kept on Seattle to put its money where it’s at and build a team that can challenge the Houston Astros in the AL West this year. For him, it starts first with adding a few trademark sticks that can boost an offense that scored 51 points below the Ms allowed last year.

“It’s time to spend the money, it’s time to add to the youth you have and capitalize on what you’ve done in the last year. Now is not the time for discount shopping” , said Stelton Robert Tourbin, who was filling in as guest host for Dave Wyman. “You have to get in in the playoffs. … If everyone is healthy, there’s no excuse not to end up in the playoffs, in my opinion. And it starts with ownership, and it starts with opening the purse strings and saying, ‘Yeah, we’re not going shopping for the guy who’s at the end of his career and maybe still has a year’. We will (not) try to wring out this sponge and maybe he will be great. We get them at a good price. You want to round out your roster with these guys, but that can’t be your major addition that you’re counting on.

In addition to the fans, Stelton said the team owes it to the veteran players who have accompanied the Mariners through their rebuilding to give it their best shot in 2022.

“I think you owe it to the guys who are on the roster right now who are going to be there moving forward, whether it’s Marco Gonzales, whether it’s Mitch Haniger,” he said. “You owe it to these guys to surround them with the talent that will take them to the next level. You can’t win 90 games last year and say, “Well, that was fun, but…we’ll be competing in two years. You can’t keep kicking the road. It’s time. It is now.

“And that doesn’t mean everything happens this year and I expect a World Series – no. That would be great; I don’t expect that. I expect you to do everything in your power as an ownership group to put in place the pieces that will get you into the playoffs and then you’ll see what happens and you’ll get a really good clear picture of how far you are. if you pass the first round, whatever stops you – “OK, we need more offense, we need better pitching, we need a better bullpen” – whatever it is But you need to take the next step.

You can hear the full conversation between Stelton and Turbin in the podcast at this link or in the player below.

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