Shop these specialty grocery stores for your international cooking needs

Whether it’s celebrating the Lunar New Year, honoring Black History Month, or simply cooking for family and friends, you may be looking for special ingredients to prepare traditional and relevant foods. culturally. But where can you find these items to celebrate your heritage?

We have curated a list of specialty markets for your international food needs. Missing this ingredient for your Ethiopian injera, where is the best place to get kafir lime leaves, which sells authentic Honduran pastries? We have your back, organized by continent.

Africa and Middle East

Amy’s Merkato — Amy makes injera for many Ethiopian restaurants in Seattle. She also runs a delicatessen and restaurant on Rainier Ave. S. in Hillman City. It includes a small market of Ethiopian products and she roasts her own coffee beans for sale.

Goodies market – This North Seattle market offers halal meats and Middle Eastern and Mediterranean specialties, including wafer-thin pita bread.

Bah African Shop — Located in Kent, this store sells edible and non-edible products from Africa, including clothing and wigs.

Simba Safari Market — Located on International Boulevard. At SeaTac, this shop is a go-to for African staples like fufu mix, but also offers African art, cosmetics, and toiletries.

North-West Halal Mediterranean Grocery — If you want to try camel meat, this is the place for you, located on Military Road in SeaTac. If the camel is too far a mammal for you, they also have halal beef and chicken.

Tana market – Located on E. Cherry Street, it is a great place to eat, but also to buy injera to take away or spices for your Ethiopian cuisine.


Crisper drawer — Located at S. Henderson and MLK Way S., this is a go-to store for specialty Polynesian groceries. Ready-to-eat selections include highly rated Spam musubi.

Mekong Rainier Supermarket — Located on Rainier Ave. S near Walden, this store specializes in Southeast Asian products.

Great from Seattle – Located at Columbian and Beacon Ave. S is a great place for Asian staples and a great fresh seafood section.

Crazy Lee — Located on Columbian very close to Seattle Super, Fou Lee is known as a hotspot for Filipino produce, as well as other Asian produce.

Murata — Specializing in Japanese products, edible or not, this Georgetown shop is an excellent address for your take-out sushi needs.

Ba Mien Seafood Market — At a mall near Myrtle on MLK, it sells more than seafood. Meat and fresh produce are also available, and customers love the helpful, friendly staff.

Ravi Video – Of course, you can get videos from this store in Kent, located on SE 104th Avenue. But you can also find Fijian and Indian groceries here, including homemade Indian sweets and Fijian and Samoan hair care and cosmetics.

Bazaar Bombay-Fiji — Located in Kent on 36th Ave S., you can get Indian, Fijian, Polynesian and Micronesian groceries. Customers rave about the spice selection in particular.

Phnom Penn Market — This store is on MLK near Myrtle and offers a wide range of fruits, vegetables and spices used in Asian cooking, especially Lao and Cambodian ingredients.

SPC spice — If you love cooking Indian food, stop by this Central District spot for spices and other ingredients. You can also order online.

Shimohn – A Renton location for all your Fijian or Polynesian grocery needs, whether it’s fish or a particular sweet you thought you couldn’t get here. Located on SW 43rd St.

Central and South America

Mi Ranchito – This store specializes in Mexican and Central American stores on Rainier Ave. South and S. Kenyon. People love tamales and panaderia.

The Collided — With locations in Kent and Tacoma, La Huerta offers Hispanic products from throughout Central and South America.


Big John’s Pacific Food Imports – European specialties, especially meats and cheeses, are a hallmark of this S. Dearborn St. store.

Agora Store — Mediterranean culinary specialties and wines, in particular ports and sherries, located in the Madison Valley. Also look for their chorizo ​​and Iberian ham.

The Mexican market in Mendoza — This North Seattle store offers both prepared meals and ingredients.

Grocery store Paris Madrid — Located downtown on Western, this store offers edibles, kitchenware, and gifts primarily from France and Spain. Discover their delicatessen.

British Pantry — Located in Redmond and long a staple for British and Irish expats looking for good tea, the store offers food, gifts, sweets and a charcuterie crate. A sit-down restaurant is attached and a British pub is next door.

Marvel food and deli – A variety of Eastern and Western European products are available in Auburn and Tacoma stores, but people often refer to it as a Russian specialty store because of this food focus country.

George’s Deli — located downtown on Madison and 9th, George’s specializes in Eastern European cuisine. Also discover their deli sandwiches.

Han’s Deli — Offering sausages, groceries, and baked goods from Germany, this Burien shop is located on 148th Avenue S. In addition to ingredients, the deli offers sandwiches and other ready-to-eat products .

Balkan market — This is the perfect location for your needs in South East Europe, whether Albanian, Bulgarian or Slovak. It is located in Burien on SW 153rd St. and offers a delicatessen as well as shelf-stable items.

Eurasia Deli House – This Kent store on 102nd Pl. SE sells Eastern and Central European specialties, with an emphasis on Russian and Ukrainian products.

All the foregoing

DK market — If you can’t decide which national cuisine you want to eat, this is a great place to go. Russian charcuterie, Mexican staples, Persian treats, Chinese herbs – it’s all there. Located on Lind Ave. SW to Renton.

The souk — Located in Pike Place Market, the souk features produce from the Middle East, Turkey, India and other parts of Asia. There are fresh produce, as well as canned goods and gifts from everywhere.

Saagar international grocery store — Located in the Totem Lake area of ​​Kirkland, you can also order online from hundreds of products from around the world.