Sekai Project Announces Collaboration With Lunatic Joker X Denki Channel

At Anime Expo 2022, Sekai Project announced that it will be collaborating with Japanese illustrator and mangaka Luna Tsukigami (Lunatic Joker) and Denki Channel, which covers tech entertainment under Overclocked Media. This project “will involve a limited range of Denki-specific merchandise, as part of Sekai Project’s experimental new initiatives in the industry.”

You can check the official Lunatic Joker website for the featured image and many other great illustrations.

A transcript of the video announcement can be seen below:

Hi, my name is Ken Bolido and I make videos on a Youtube channel called Denki which is all about showcasing technology I’m interested in and occasionally finding ways to relate it to my anime fandom.

I’m thrilled to announce that through Sekai Project, the Denki Channel will be collaborating with illustrator and character designer Tsukigami Luna, also known as Lunatic Joker, to release a mini line of merchandise that will be available soon.

In the past, Luna has produced a collection of works paying homage to some of the most iconic headphones ever produced. The goal of this collaboration is to create tasteful designs that everyone will be ready to represent, whether on a t-shirt or displaying it on your wall at home.

We’re still working out all the details, but if you’re interested, stay tuned for more.

More details about this collaboration will be announced at a later date.