Seattle’s Tup Tim Thai closes its doors

The popular Uptown restaurant is closing after more than 30 years.

SEATTLE – New apartment complexes are being built across Seattle. But one in particular is forcing a popular restaurant to pack and close.

Tup Tim Thai’s faded sign isn’t fading just yet with over 33 years of love from customers across the Seattle area.

“Some clients, we’ve seen them come with their parents. Now they’re married, they have their own families. We’re a bit like a big family,” said Nat Chien, owner of Tup Tim Thai.

But Chien was forced to close shop on December 18. A closure that has been ongoing since 2019, when its owner told him they were planning to build an eight-story apartment complex. Chien said that due to the pandemic, the project has been repeatedly delayed.

Deborah Frausto with Alliance of chic neighborhoods, a group of neighborhood volunteers, said they strongly support neighborhood businesses, but also try to work with developers to ensure the neighborhood continues to grow.

“We have the opportunity to have real discussions with the developers to help them understand the neighborhood, so that they don’t just drop something,” said Frausto.

Frausto said she was heartbroken over the shutdown of Tup Tim Thai, along with other clients.

“I’ve tried Pad Thai in other places, but it’s not the same, you know,” said one customer. “So, I don’t know, I’ll probably never eat pad thai again. ”

But this is not a farewell forever. Chien hopes to open another restaurant in the future.

“Yes, I have my plan to bring Tup Tim Thai back,” he said.

Until he finds another location for the restaurant, he will be working at another Thai restaurant – Orrapin Thai in the upper Queen Anne neighborhood on Boston Street.