Seattle’s Most Anticipated Restaurants Opening Summer 2022

Even though pandemic-related labor shortages and supply chain lockdowns haven’t really gone away, Seattle is once again booming with hot restaurant openings. Last month, Sea Wolf Bakers opened its highly anticipated bagel shop in Montlake, Boca Argentine Bakery and Pizzeria began serving South American pastries and pizzas in Capitol Hill, and an immersive sci-fi bar from the owner of the Stampede Cocktail Club opened in Fremont.

Restaurant opening dates are still being postponed (it is not yet known when or if Shota Nakajima’s Cle Elum teriyaki restaurant will open, and Ms. Helen’s Central District restaurant will likely open in the fall instead of this summer, ). But Seattle’s summer of 2022 will be filled with restaurant openings anyway, including a brick-and-mortar eatery by one of the city’s hottest pop-ups, a BBQ chain location. Los Angeles’ favorite Korean and a Bellevue sushi bar by a star apprentice to Seattle’s sushi godfather, Shiro Kashiba.


When: end of summer

What: Hamdi has wowed Seattle’s food community during the pandemic with the best Turkish cuisine the city has ever seen: juicy hand-chopped lamb skewers without a hint of gaminess, earthy sandwiches laden with intestines and sweetbreads, and whole lambs brushed with thyme, roasted on applewood and served with lavash. Lines for pop-ups, normally held at breweries across the city, were always long and the food always sold out. But owners Berk Guldal and Katrina Schult have both worked in three-Michelin-star restaurants, and they haven’t been able to match their serving and drink-pairing skills to the pop-ups. The couple plan to open a full-service restaurant in Fremont or Ballard by the end of the summer, where they will serve food on Turkish ceramics and pair it with Turkish wines and cocktails made with ingredients for their last trip to Güldal’s hometown. country. Whole lamb roasts will continue to be a specialty and the kebab will remain the signature dish.

A whole lamb roast from the Hamdi pop-up.
Jade Yamazaki Stewart / Eater Seattle

Korean BBQ Baekjong

When: July

What: A Korean barbecue chain hailed as the best KBBQ in LA arrives at Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood next month. Baekjeong was founded by a Korean professional wrestler in 2003 and was brought to Los Angeles in 2012 by Michael Chon and the Kijung Hotel Group. Legendary Los Angeles Times food writer Jonathan Gold listed the restaurant a decade later in his famous contest 101 best restaurants listing. Lynnwood Restaurant will be the first in the brand’s history to have an expanded menu, which includes new lunch and bar menus, but will continue to use only USDA Prime quality meats and better, with the customer favorites like short ribs and pork jowls.

A Bellevue sushi spot from an apprentice star of Shiro Kashiba

When: late July or early August

What: A sushi bar by Jun Takai, a star apprentice of Seattle’s sushi godfather, Shiro Kashiba, is opening a sushi restaurant in downtown Bellevue. Ed Kashiba, Shiro’s son, helps run operations. Takai moved from Tokyo to train with Kashiba just over a decade ago and previously made sushi at the well-regarded Bellevue location of I like sushi. Ed says the menu will focus on Edomae-style sushi, omakase and small plates using seasonal ingredients, something like what Shiro serves at his Pike Place restaurant, Sushi Kashiba. There will be approximately 40 seats, with a 10-seat omakase counter and a six-seat bar where diners can sample premium Japanese whiskey. The restaurant will be located on the ground floor of the One88 condominium building on Bellevue Way


When: late August or early September

What: The Detroit-style pizza phenom Moto, whose West Seattle store sells pizzas for pre-order months in advance, is opening a second location in Belltown. The new restaurant at the former location of Renee Erickson’s Boat Street cafe will expand production with a highly mechanized pizza-making process – a tough pivot away from the hand-mixed doughs and century-old sourdough that owners Lee Kindell and Nancy Gambin have become known for. The new store will sell classic Moto flavors like clam chowdah and crab pizza as well as new flavors. Vertical hydroponics will add greenery to the space and provide the pizzeria with the freshest arugula just meters away.


When: The Biggest Mystery of Seattle’s Culinary Scene

What: The couple behind Terra Plata, chef Tamara Murphy and Linda Di Lello Morton, are working on a second restaurant in Columbia City that will focus on Peruvian cuisine. While it’s unclear if the restaurant will open this summer or later in the year (Murphy says she’s facing staffing issues), it’s probably the most anticipated opening in Seattle this year. and will bring some respect to an upcoming neighborhood. on the food scene. Murphy, who became a Seattle legend during her 11 years at Spanish-influenced restaurant Brasa, hasn’t opened a new restaurant since Terra Plata debuted more than a decade ago. Details on what the project will look like are still hazy, but the food will certainly be exceptional.