Seattle corset-maker lends covert support to Hollywood and Broadway

Vintage corsets keep period dramas like “1883” and “Dickinson” in pristine condition. #k5evening

SEATTLE – There’s a shop tucked away in a basement in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood that’s created corsets for Fergie, Madonna and Victoria’s Secret. Their corsets have appeared on stage and on screen.

But Period Corsets had to change it when the pandemic hit – and the entertainment industry shut down.

“We make masks now,” owner Hilary Specht said. “Our business changed overnight, and then we kept adding different mask shapes, different materials, different earrings, fun designs for kids.”

This custom corset maker started reluctantly with the whole mask, but they had the materials and skills to make them quickly, they researched how to make fabric masks that worked, and the new business plan took off — mostly after posting a photo of Hilary’s daughter wearing a Super Mario mask made by vintage corsets on their website.

“That’s when it escalated,” Specht said.

Mask-making has made it possible for everyone to sew — and be employed — during the pandemic.

And now that the entertainment industry is back, vintage corsets is becoming its mainstay again, thanks to these period dramas we all love:

  • The cast of Apple TV’s “Dickinson” wears vintage corsets.
  • They make corsets and petticoats for HBO’s “The Gilded Age” show.
  • Regina King wore a vintage corset in Netflix’s revisionist western “The Harder They Fall.”
  • And the corsets, petticoats, and padding for the Paramount + “Yellowstone” prequel “1883” are from Vintage Corsets.
  • The touring companies of Les Misérables, The Phantom of the Opera and The King and I danced and sang in period corsets.

Often their work is never seen.

“You can’t have a period costume and not have the right underwear, it won’t fall the same, it won’t fit the same, it won’t look good. “said Sara Lanzillotta, office manager of Period Corsets. .

It’s a reason to rejoice when their underwear becomes outerwear.

“Sometimes, and for ‘1883’ in particular, they’d send us their own fabric and we’d make four identical corsets and usually when that happens it gives us a little clue that hopefully might show up on the screen because that they went through the extra mile to make it look pretty,” Lanzillotta said. “I’m watching this corset. It might only last three seconds, but it’s our three seconds of glory and we’re cheering, we were on TV!”

This The corset made an on-screen appearance in the “1883” trailer and one of the episodes – worn by Faith Hill.

But whether what they’re doing is a wardrobe star or a behind-the-scenes player, the Period Corsets team are happy to know that they Support Arts.

“Our big tagline is ‘undercover corsets’ because we give the base, we give the shape in the right silhouette,” Lanzillotta said.

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