Rant & Rave: A bagpiper serenades the park in West Seattle

RAVE to the person who plays the bagpipes in Lincoln Park. It’s so nice to hear from you when I come home from work after a day with the public. Please play longer. It is so nice !

RANT to stores that organize back-to-school sales from the first week of July. Seriously?

RAVE to the Broadview librarian who made my son’s day. My son had been told that the Seattle Public Library had a summer passport booklet and was happy to pick one up and visit all the libraries in Seattle to get it stamped. When we asked for one at the Broadview library, we were first told the program had expired, but another librarian flew past us and found one in the office. He even stamped it with the Broadview Library stamp! Impressive! My son was so happy that he read me the passport booklet all the way back. We’ll be visiting every library in Seattle this summer thanks to the Broadview Librarian!

RANT at my garbage collection business in Rock Island, Douglas County. My neighbor has a trash can that she places near our property line, but I put mine about 30 feet from hers. As I found out, the garbage company charged me for excessive use because they thought the two cans were mine! I live alone so I use a bag or two and they barely fill my container. The customer service rep I spoke to told me this would take a while to resolve as the issue dates back to 2017! If you had time to make the mistake, you have time to fix it.

RAVE to the two gentlemen and a lady who helped this old man when my oversized and overloaded luggage tipped over and knocked me onto an escalator at Sea-Tac Airport. They were there to help me quickly when I just couldn’t get up as the escalator kept going up. Thanks a lot! As for me, apart from several cuts to my arm and leg and a huge bruise to my ego, I survived to get home. It’s great to be home in Seattle!

RANT to the Pier 55 cafe team who recently saw customers queuing for the scheduled 8am opening and did not inform them of the late 9am opening until a employee arrives at 8:20 a.m. and one of the customers asks for him. At least put a sign on the door.

RAVE to our lovely neighbors to the north who came to visit Seattle for the recent Mariners-Blue Jays series. We appreciate their sportsmanship and enthusiasm!

RANT to a recent Sounders game. I don’t understand why we have to have British accents. I’m above that in other things like advertising too. Am I the only one?

STORM Praise a grocery store chain for selling delicious individual salads. Rum at them for not selling disposable utensils. I had five minutes to eat before a rehearsal and ended up using a broken piece of plastic that I wanted to glue to the side compartment of my car door. Many utensils are now compostable. Deal with it!

RANT to people lighting the summer barbecue. We have enough cancers already, we don’t need more lung disease from the obnoxious smoke from barbecue grills belching smoke into neighbors’ yards. I suggest Seattle make wood or charcoal barbecues illegal and allow people to use smokeless electric grills. Charcoal bags and those nonsensical “wood smoke chips” should also be banned.

RANT to the young woman who passed my wife irresponsibly on the bike path recently. You have not announced yourself on the cycle path. The result was an accident that was 100% your fault and preventable. You knocked my wife into a ditch and bruised her. You caused $88 in damage to his bike frame. Then you left leaving the scene of the accident. You haven’t apologized, offered to pay for the damages, left your name or anything a morally upright person would do in the same situation.