Openings of new restaurants in the Seattle area for 2022

May 9

CAPITOL HILL — Restaurant and food truck based in Kent Paperepas Venezuelan Cuisine brings its empanadas, arepas and platanos to Capitol Hill. The new restaurant, located in the Broadway building at 1620 Broadway, will open in the coming weeks.

CAPITOL HILL — Marco Casas Beaux, the man behind Boca Restobar restaurants, is opening an Argentinian bakery-pizzeria on Capitol Hill. Argentinian residents come from all over Europe, and Casas Beaux says its bakeries are packed with pastries from across the continent, as well as unique Argentinian creations like medialunas – smaller, sweeter versions of French croissants. The Argentinian pizza – a thick cheese pie bordering on a deep pizza – will be made with naturally leavened dough and served with classic Italian cocktails. The restaurant is expected to open in a few weeks and will be located at 426 Broadway E.

AMERICAN PARLIAMENT – silver frog, a pan-Asian restaurant from the owners of Taurus Ox and Hangry Panda, serves unorthodox dishes like a yakisoba cacio e pepe, Mongolian sukiyaki beef with chili peppers and chrysanthemum leaves and, true to its name, frog legs chicken fries. Co-owner Khampaeng Panyathong says that although the restaurant just opened, it will move next month to Adana’s former location, a space with a more fine-dining vibe that’s closer to the center of Capitol Hill, while the Current space turns into another Hangry Panda location. It is currently located at 903 19th Avenue E.

HALLER LAKE — Lotus Pond Vietnamese cuisine is Aurora Avenue’s newest Vietnamese restaurant – and a favorite of Monsoon and Ba Bar co-owner Eric Banh. It serves all kinds of pho and noodle soups, vermicelli bowls topped with grilled meat, shrimp and shrimp cakes, and grilled beef wrapped in betel leaves at 12752 Aurora Avenue N.

DOWNTOWN – Slices United Statesa Dallas-based upscale pizza chain owned by Michael Franzese, a former capo of the infamous Colombo Mafia in New York, recently opened in downtown Seattle. You can try the Sicilian pies at 809 Olive Way, Suite C.

DOWNTOWN – The George, the new full-service restaurant at Seattle’s Fairmont Olympic hotel, opened last month as part of a $25 million renovation of the hotel’s dining rooms and lobby. Chef Thomas Cullen says he intends to the best restaurant in Seattle by achieving unparalleled breadth and quality on its menu with pasta dishes, sashimi, huge seafood porridges and towers, dry-aged steaks, and more. The design of the restaurant, with vaulted ceilings and zigzag green, black, pink and white marble floors, is stunning. You’ll find The George at the back of the hotel lobby, located at 411 University Street.

CENTRAL DISTRICT – Cafe Avole, an Ethiopian roaster and shop in the Brighton district, has moved to the Central District’s Liberty Bank Building, right next to chef Kristi Brown’s Communion restaurant. The owners served free food during the pandemic at their last location and held regular popups. The Liberty Bank Building is located at the corner of 24th Avenue and East Union Street.

NICE VIEW – Xi’an noodles, which serves homemade fluffy biang biang noodles dipped in chili oil at a restaurant with a few tables in the University District, opened its largest restaurant yet at 1075 Bellevue Way NE in Bellevue last month. The new restaurant offers an expanded menu including grilled lamb, beef and chicken skewers dusted with cumin and chili powder, as well as noodles, mango sago and sweet red bean soup.

KIRKLAND — Kati Vegan Thai, which has a popular South Lake Union restaurant serving all-vegan interpretations of classic Thai curries and rice and noodle dishes, recently expanded to The Village at Totem Lake mall in Kirkland. It is located at 12540 120th Avenue NE #110, Kirkland.

BALLARD — wero, a modern new Korean restaurant in Ballard, was once the American gastropub The Gerald, until owner Wes Yoo decided to serve his cultural cuisine instead as part of his journey to embrace his Asian identity. Now, diners can find menu items like wagyu zabuton steak ssam served with a variety of banchan, gochujang wings and Korean-style steak tartare. It is located at 5210 Ballard Avenue NW.

BALLARD – Renton-based Bickersons Brewhouse recently took over the former Peddler Brewing space at 1514 Leary Way NW in Ballard. Like Peddler Brewing, it will continue to host food trucks and monthly events like puns and astronomy nights.

SKYWAY— Salima SpecialtiesThe second iteration quickly grew into an important gathering place for the Cham people of King County, a predominantly Muslim indigenous group from Southeast Asia. The halal menu includes dishes like “Cham bao”, made with soft dough wrapping shrimp, jicama, ear mushrooms, carrots and quail egg, all cooked in toasted coconut milk, and soup of satisfying oxtail. It is located at 11805 Renton Ave S.

PIKE PLACE MARKET — Shama is Pike Place Market’s new Moroccan fine-dining restaurant serving m’rouzia, a melty, tender lamb shank with Moroccan saffron and a chicken dish cooked with sweet and sour candied lemons and brackish green olives, all two served with a soft couscous. The restaurant overlooks Western Avenue and is located at 1501 Pike Place #200.

WEST SEATTLE — Lillian Anaya Quintanilla has been selling her crispy, golden pupusas and banana leaf-wrapped tamales at Seattle-area farmers markets for more than 10 years. In March, she finally opened her first restaurant, Lily’s Salvadoran Restaurantin a spacious location at 2940 Southwest Avalon Way in West Seattle, which also has a full bar serving beer, wine, micheladas, palomas and margaritas.