Netflix launches official Squid game merchandise

Netflix has published Squid game merchandise.

After becoming the most broadcast show in 90 countries, Squid game T-shirts and hoodies are now available for fans. Best of all, fans can customize their merchandise as well.


T-shirts feature the show’s logo and key images from the show and costs US $ 34.95. Hoodies, on the other hand, cost US $ 49.95 and come with the square, triangular or circular symbol which represents the different custody ranks of the series. Customizable merchandising costs US $ 39.95 and allows fans to choose their player number.

squid game

Unfortunately there is no Squid game player tracksuits or red guard suits.

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There are, however, many unofficial products such as face masks, coveralls, key chains, business cards, and more available on third-party e-commerce sites such as AliExpress.

Released on September 17, the nine-episode series sees 456 people, all in debt, play deadly Korean childhood games in order to win a cash prize. After a very successful first season, a plan for a potential season two is underway.

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