Minors Under 12 Admit Vandalism at Cape May Nature Center | criminality

Tornadoes, whiplash and a winter that felt like a certain sense of normalcy were just a few of the things that made the weather of 2021 memorable in South Jersey. However, we only have to look to our neighbors in the northern half of the state to see that it could have been a lot worse. The press coverage area, officially comprised of Ocean, Atlantic, Cape May and Cumberland counties, experienced five tornadoes in 2021. The rest of the state experienced eight. A groundhog day north of Easter brought strong winds, coastal flooding, and some snowfall. While the northern half of the state was buried near the biggest snowstorm in recorded history. Then there was Ida. The press coverage area only had rain showers and very humid air. For the rest of the state, massive, record-breaking tornadoes and flooding have claimed an estimated 30 lives, the most since Super Storm Sandy and one of the largest in state history. Here are the ten most notable weather events of 2021.

CAPE MAY – Young vandals spray painted buildings and equipment at the Audubon Nature Center in Cape May New Jersey.

“We caught the children. They are minors,” said Gretchen Whitman, director of the center. She said Thursday the center was working with parents and police on a plan, which will likely include the children helping clean up.

The potential charges remain to be determined. Whitman was unwilling to divulge many details about the children and didn’t say how many were involved.

“I have met them. They have a lot of remorse. They are ashamed,” she said. “They are young, less than 12 years old.”

Officials from the Nature Center posted images of the damage on social media Wednesday afternoon.

Whitman discovered the damage Tuesday morning. It probably happened over the weekend. Photos posted on the centre’s Facebook page show graffiti and damage to boats, storage sheds, golf carts, signs with information on wildlife, damage inside a recreation area and Moreover. She said she hadn’t photographed some of the more graphic images.

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The center, in a direct message to Facebook, said its social media post helped determine who was responsible.

“Very young children do stupid things,” the center said.