MerchGarage partners with YouTube and activates a social commerce and merchandising shelf for creator channels

Content creators can now embed their products directly on their YouTube channels

Mumbai, India, June 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MerchGarage, a creator-focused merchandise and social commerce platform backed by One Digital Entertainment, has partnered with YouTube with end-to-end integration to introduce listing and discoverability as well as enable transactions for creator merchandise on their respective YouTube channels and videos. This allows the built-in creators of MerchGarage, which has an envious list of some of india top celebrities, artists to embed their products and enable social commerce on their YouTube channels.

The YouTube Merch Shelf allows the creator to connect their merchandise on MerchGarage to their YouTube channel so that their merchandise is available throughout the channel, by showcasing their merchandise under their videos in a store tab on their channel page. This will ensure that fans and viewers can now easily experience their favorite creator’s products directly on YouTube while watching the content and will further boost the creator economy by creating an additional source of revenue and engagement. The latest merchandising launch includes apparel and merchandise from india top pop artists and brands, including Badshah for her EP Retropanda, top designer and Bollywood actress Prajakta Koliindian cricketer Yuvraj SinghMarathi content creators Bhadipa, the world’s largest digital Bollywood community InstantBollywood, Head Saransh GoilaManoj Muntashir, Euphoria, Zaeden, Sejal KumarPearle Maaney as well as Dharma Productions for 20 years of iconic film Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham as well as recently launched products for Pepsi and many more.

“For the past decade, One Digital Entertainment has been at the forefront of from Asia Boom in the creator economy. True to our core philosophy of creating diverse business and engagement opportunities for creators and fans, MerchGarage has enabled a variety of creators to run their merchandise stores while all the logistics from design, product selection, the technology platform, shipping, returns and customer care are handled by us. Integrating with YouTube’s MerchShelf is a big step that will also help and create a platform for fans to stay connected with their favorite creator in a more immersive way,” says Gurpreet Singhco-founder of One Digital Entertainment & MerchGarage.

MerchGarage took the leadership position in less than a year after launching its merchandise for a wide range of creators. It has its own production units, e-commerce platforms, teams of fashion designers and is connected to supplier networks across the country. It has partnered with some of the best names in the transportation and logistics industry to deliver the products across the globe.

About Merch Garage

MerchGarage is a premium, creator-focused social merchandising and commerce platform that helps artists such as digital creators, Bollywood celebrities, musicians, movie production houses, influencers, and more. to sell their official merchandise to their fans and potential customers around the world. It is ideally placed to offer artists a product portfolio of over 100 products that can be customized and sold on the respective creator’s site on their platform. The platform was designed to handle high scalability and allow multiple custom creator e-commerce stores to run simultaneously. To date, MerchGarage is one of the most sought-after merchandising marketplaces in India for creators to launch their merchandising with ease.

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