Merchandise Producer Pin Box Announces Official Partnership With Developer WayForward

Merchandise producer Pin Box has announced that it has entered into an official partnership with beloved video game developer WayForward, best known for its work on the river town and Shantae franchisees.

As the name suggests, Pin Box is known for creating and shipping quality pins, although they have dabbled in clothing. They are most recently known for their many character pins from the Ys and Trails franchise, with new products constantly being produced and announced. This new partnership is an ambitious but welcome step forward for the company. It’s safe to expect lovable pins from Shantae and the series’ myriad other endearing characters.

You can see the tweet announcing this recent partnership below:

Speaking of developer WayForward, River Town Girls 2 will be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam in Summer 2022.

the original River town girls tells the story of Kyoko and Misako, two high school girls who know how to defend themselves as they explore the six regions of River City to rescue their kidnapped boyfriends, which happened to Kunio and Riki. Players will use the game’s combo mechanics, including counters, throws, and special attacks while fighting their way through the streets. They will also be able to interact with NPCs, which include guest stars from previous river town securities.