Marshawn Lynch and Macklemore join the Seattle Kraken Investor Group

Former Seahawk Super Bowl winner Marshawn Lynch, right, and Grammy Award-winning entertainer Macklemore, left, have joined the Seattle Kraken’s group of minority investors. Both local legends will bring new community initiatives to the franchise and Climate Pledge Arena as investors.

On Monday, the Seattle Kraken announced that Macklemore and Marshawn Lynch have joined the National Hockey League’s 32-player minority investor group.n/a franchise.

The former Seahawk and Seattle-based entertainer joins the group led by founder and majority owner David Bonderman and executive committee chair Samantha Holloway.

“We are fortunate to have an incredibly strong group of investors who have guided the franchise over the past four years,” Holloway said. “We are now adding two local heroes who share our values ​​and desires to give back to this great city and continue to make hockey a game for everyone. »

A Grammy Award-winning rapper and lifelong Seattle native, Macklemore is a strong supporter of the arts and the Seattle community. He has consistently used his platform to advance racial and social justice issues. He is the co-founder of The Residency, a hip-hop and youth development program that has become one of the main opportunities for aspiring young artists in the area. In 2021, Macklemore launched Bogey Boys, a golf apparel and lifestyle brand, with a pop-up store in University Village, Seattle.

“I have so much love for our city. The Seattle teams we support bring our community together and unite people. In many ways, our franchises defined my childhood until today. We represent our teams like no other city,” Macklemore said. “Witnessing the energy around the Kraken in our inaugural season blew my mind. Selling an entire first year in a brand new arena is already setting the tone for the legacy that is being created. I’m just grateful to be a part of history. Grateful to usher in a new generation of sports fan and memories that will be made. I was a kid sneaking around in the nosebleeds coming into the owners suite…. and we we’re just getting started.

All-Pro running back and Super Bowl champion with the Seahawks, Marshawn Lynch is known for his impact on the Seattle community and his hometown of Oakland, California. Using his platform to benefit and serve disadvantaged youth, including his Fam 1st Family Foundation, earned him a 2018 Walter Payton Man of the Year nomination. He owns and operates the Beast Mode clothing brand and line. ® in addition to countless business ventures.

“On God, I’ve been part of a lot of things, but it’s something I never imagined – as a young hyena I always dreamed of playing in a professional team, but owning one is something special,” Lynch said. “Looking back on some of my accomplishments – I retired before I was 30 and am now a professional club owner at the age of 35 – I will continue to count my blessings… to do part of the Seattle Kraken is something big for me it gives me another chance to get a ring after helping bring the first NFL to town And if you thought I was going somewhere no Seattle I’m there! Get up!!!!”

As an investor in Kraken, Marshawn will participate in the team’s “Hockey is for Everyone” campaign and work with the team to plan events focused on youth and community activism. Macklemore will work with the team and the arena to produce musical events that serve the community and engage fans. Additionally, he will partner with the team for an annual Bogey Boys and Seattle Kraken Golf Tournament. The team has focused on increasing diversity and inclusion in hockey since its inception.