Man arrested after police seize nearly $200,000 in stolen property in San Francisco – NBC Bay Area

San Francisco police say they arrested a man after officers seized nearly $200,000 worth of stolen goods from a home.

SFPD posted a photo which showed a room full of merchandise and they said it had been stolen from local stores and was being resold online. Police say the suspect had everything from personal products to over-the-counter medications and high-end Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Robert Rueca, a spokesman for the San Francisco Police Department, said earlier this year the Burglary Unit and Organized Retail Theft Task Force opened an investigation into the thefts. by retail.

“We were able to identify a suspect, who was selling products on an online platform or a digital platform or whatever you want to call it and was selling those products across the country,” he said.

The police added that the suspect made a lot of money by reselling the whole thing.

“We believe the suspect had sold over half a million dollars over at least three years from the stolen items,” Rueca said.

Officials won’t say which stores the goods are from. But they said Sergio Manuel Puga-Tenorio, 38, had a conviction for possession of stolen property.

They found the goods at Tenorio’s in the Ingleside district.

Locals said the arrest was a good start, but added it was a drop in the bucket.

“Everything happens here, drugs, theft. You know, everything, everything is right under our noses,” said San Francisco resident Mark Ready.

Police said they are still trying to determine the scale of the operation and have not ruled out the possibility of other suspects.