Macklemore’s Bogey Boys brand has opened its first pop-up on Capitol Hill

“I’m gonna pop tags, I’ve only twenty dollars in my pocket, I, I, I’m hunting, looking for a come-up.” Yes, those words have haunted our ears ever since the release of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop in 2012. Sorry if it’s stuck in your head now, but we had to, especially since Macklemore just opened his own brick shop and mortar here in Seattle. And yes, it includes a thrift store.

Well, not exactly a thrift store. Macklemore’s golf brand, Bogey Boys, just opened its first store in the former Totokaelo space on 10th Avenue in Capitol Hill in Seattle. The massive space uses the upstairs as the flagship of the Macklemore brand and the downstairs for its own Goose Magee’s Vintage mall. And as is the trend these days, this spot is only a pop-up for the moment.

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Now you are probably wondering why the hell does Macklemore have a brand of golf? Good question. According to the brand website, Macklemore fell in love with the sport 2 years ago after playing a game with his brother on the “beautiful but sleepy island of Kauai”. After this experience, the rapper became obsessed and needed to create a golf brand.

So if you need a little golf and Macklemore in your life this week, you might as well head to the pop-up. According to Seattle PI, the pop-up will be open until the end of the year, and beyond, its future is uncertain. But if you take a look, you can expect to find Bogey Boys merchandise, vintage and retro vibes, a two-story turf wall, and a 1,500-square-foot 9-hole putting green. Oh, and you can take a look at the recently opened Glossier and grab a coffee while you’re there, too.

Have fun and you can click below to learn more.

Bogey Boys

Or: 1523 10th avenue
Hours: Every day 11 am-7pm

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