KMC survey goods, transport demand sparks surge in business | Calcutta News

Calcutta: KMC elections slated for December 19 have emerged as a business opportunity for people associated with various trades in the city in an otherwise bleak time for commerce due to the pandemic.
From venues to election supplies, transportation to restaurants, business is buzzing as the campaign gathers momentum for the election in which nearly 1,000 candidates run in 144 districts of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation.
With less than 14 days to go to elections and only one weekend in between to campaign, candidates and parties spare no effort to reach voters, which means they use up a lot of resources, creating a lot of demand. .
“We order at least 300 packages of food each day for our employees for lunch and dinner at three restaurants in the department. The price of each packet of food is Rs 50, so every day we pay around 15,000 just for food. Apart from that, several hundred cups of tea are consumed every day. So many restaurants in the area are doing good business because of the elections, ”said Mohammad Arshad, campaign agent for a candidate in a central Kolkata neighborhood.
Most of the Burrabazar stores that otherwise sell clothing ranging from clothes to umbrellas mainly turned to selling election merchandise like caps, saris, scarves, key chains and Punjabis with the symbol of various political parties.
“Since the court strongly criticized political parties over the wall graffiti, the demand for election products has increased. Until election day, parties want to showcase their symbols in any way they can to keep them fresh in the minds of voters. I have received large orders from TMC and BJP. Even Congress has placed orders, ”said Gopal Sinha, owner of Gopal Stores on MG Road.
“Every day, a great TMC leader comes to campaign in our neighborhood for our candidate. So we have to organize vehicles, ”said the election official of another candidate in southern Calcutta.


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