Jersey City and Newark rank among the best cities for hipsters

Jersey City is in the top five of the best cities for hipsters. Photo by To burst on StockSnap

While New Jersey tends to conjure up images of housing estates and malls that are decidedly lacking in trend, two Garden State towns are apparently a little more desirable for those in hipster persuasion than you might think.

LawnStarter recently released its 2021 rankings of the best cities for hipsters. The Austin-based landscape reservation company took the 150 largest cities in the country and measured their attractiveness based on 23 anti-current factors ranging from the number of thrift stores, farmers’ markets and record stores per capita as well as other considerations like urban gardening and bikers. -friendliness.

Based on the criteria, Jersey City ranked fifth in the country in terms of hipster charm. The second-largest city in New Jersey achieved particularly high rankings in the fashion category, which took into consideration the availability of thrift stores, vintage clothing, and tattoo parlors. The Chilltown food scene, which has judged craft breweries, dive bars and coffee roasters, ranked eighth for hipsters.

Jersey City also ranked eighth in the country in the hipster culture category, which included record and music stores per capita, antique shops and galleries. Chilltown was determined to have the second-highest number of arts events per 100,000 population of any city in the country, ranking only behind Yonkers, New York.

Despite its decidedly lower hipster profile, Newark managed to make it to the top 50 on the list and was ranked 41st best city for hipsters. Brick City’s best ranking in tenth place came in the fashion category, although their 75th place in the food scene consideration could improve.

New York City, home to the stereotypical Williamsburg hipster, ranked surprisingly low on the list. The Big Apple came in at 67th place, perhaps proving once and for all that the Brooklyn borough is not entirely made up of neighborhoods adjacent to the bridges to Manhattan.

Besides Jersey City, the top five spots in LawnStarter’s study included usual suspects and what some might consider a surprise from Sunshine State. San Francisco topped the list and was quickly followed by Portland, second, with Oakland, Calif. Not far behind in third. Fourth place went to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.