It’s New Jersey’s most popular start-up

Many people dream of starting their own business, of being their own boss, and some of them take the plunge and do it. But what type of business is the right type; what type of business do people plan to start?

According to a new survey, in New Jersey anyway, more people want to open an Amazon storefront.

Having your own store on is appealing to people because it doesn’t take a lot of money to get started and you can run it from your home if you want.

Online retail has really taken off during the pandemic as people have found ways to do a lot while locked in their homes.

The survey was conducted by a payroll company called Pay of course.

To arrive at their results, they analyzed over 600 small business Google search terms. The study aimed to identify the most popular type of businesses that Americans dream of opening in each state. The majority of Google searchers have grasped how to start five types of small businesses: Clothing/Boutique, Home/Garden Renovation, Online Retail, Food, and Fitness.

Opening a clothing store is the most popular Google search in Alabama, Kentucky and seven other states. Home improvement and landscaping businesses are tied to opening an online outlet — ala an Etsy or Amazon store — as the second most searched type of small business by state.

For our neighbors in New York, opening an Amazon store was the most searched small business phrase, while in Pennsylvania it was cleaning services and in Delaware it was daycare.

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