Houston Texans allow fans to trade Deshaun Watson jerseys

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Photo by Matt Young

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson (4) waves to fans as he walks with defensive back Tavierre Thomas (37) onto the field during an NFL training camp football practice Monday, 9 August 2021 in Houston.Brett Coomer/staff photographer

When Houston Texans president and CEO Cal McNair answered fan questions on Reddit on Wednesday night, he broke the news when he wasn’t kidding himself.

A Redditor asked if the team had “any plans to do a jersey swap (specifically for a specific player) for another player’s free/discounted jersey?”

Although the fan didn’t mention any player by name, it’s not hard to read between those lines and see someone who would like to get rid of the Deshaun Watson jersey from the Texans.

“Yes, we will in October, so stay tuned for more details!” McNair posted on Reddit.

The New England Patriots took a similar step in 2013 when they allowed fans to trade in all Aaron Hernandez jerseys purchased from the team store or online store for a player’s jersey. another player of comparative value. Hernandez was charged with murder earlier that year and convicted in 2015.

Watson was one of the most popular players in Texans history before refusing to play for the team again after the 2020 season, then had 24 massage therapists file civil lawsuits accusing him of assault sex during sessions with them. Watson, who settled with 23 of his accusers, has since been traded to the Cleveland Browns and received a $5 million fine and an 11-game suspension by the NFL. Watson’s first return game will be against the Texans in Houston on December 4.