Hillside woman arrested for selling counterfeit goods


A Union County resident was arrested this morning in connection with the ongoing sale of counterfeit goods at a Hillside residence.

Officials say Regina Gouveia, 45, of Hillside, is charged with second degree trademark infringement.

Officials said that in April, the Hillside Police Department opened an investigation based on quality-of-life complaints received from citizens of the Boston Avenue area.

After months of investigation, Hillside detectives gathered enough evidence to secure a search warrant for the premises.

Officials said on October 6, Hillside police and detectives executed the search warrant, seizing more than $ 100,000 in retail value of counterfeit handbags, hats, jewelry and other designer luxury goods.

Officials said Ms. Gouveia was arrested and charged on a subpoena for possession and sale of counterfeit goods. She was treated and released on her own recognizance with a Superior Court appearance date.

“The Hillside Police Department strives to ensure that the quality of life in our community is the best it can be,” said Chief Vincent Ricciardi. “This involves ensuring that any illegal activity in all its forms is vigorously addressed. I commend the hard work and professionalism of our detectives in this matter.”

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