Harry Styles is called out for controversial merchandising

For Harry Styles fans, any announcement involving a new product should feel like Christmas, however, after his new ‘Harry’s House-themed clothes dropped’, the multi-hyphenated pop sensation faced a flow of negative feedback.

In case you missed it, Styles recently kicked off a special North American edition of his “Love On Tour” tour – a highly anticipated stadium show set to take place in 2023 – with limited-edition drops that fans will love. devotees flocked and worshipped.

Alongside the iconic hoodies (we know the man loves fleece) and shirts adorned with his quintessentially cute animal motif, one piece of merchandise was quickly called out by eagle-eyed fans.

The piece in question is a seemingly innocuous baseball cap with the “Harry’s House” badge sewn onto it.

However, some fans pointed out that the symbol could be translated into something problematic.

It wasn’t the “Harry’s House” logo that prompted fans to call for the product to be removed, but the presence of two capitalized H’s, meant to represent “Harry’s House.”

Fans were quick to point out that this symbol actually has anti-Semitic roots and that the public display of such badges is actually banned in several European countries.

On TikTok alone, the #HarryStylesMerch hashtag has over 104 million views, with many fans of the video shouting out to Styles and his design team for using a mainstream hate symbol, especially when the musician is so fast. to promote “treating people with kindness”.

What further adds fuel to the fire is the fact that this cap is only available for purchase in the US and has been excluded from sales in Europe – fans believe this has a direct correlation with the controversial symbol.

“Harry Styles new product with HH on it explains why they didn’t sell it in Europe,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “Seriously, whoever said this was a good design should be fired,” they added.

Of course, many fans were quick to counter claims of anti-Semitism by pointing out that the symbol stands for “Harry’s House”, but with the symbol also having historical significance rooted in the persecution, subjection and oppression of million people, his fans are divided.

So far, neither Harry Styles nor a rep has yet addressed the controversy. Nevertheless, the cap is still available for purchase during his run of shows in New York.