Fans are dedicating resources to opening an official merchandise store for the Japanese manga series, Tokyo Revengers, after the successful release of the film Life-Action, to raise awareness of it to the world

With the release of a live-action adaptation of the book, the Tokyo Revengers animated series has turned heads around the world and captured the attention of the masses. The growing fan base decides to open a merchandise store to further expand its reach.

UNITED STATES – The constant stream of new shows and cartoons has left the entertainment market extremely saturated with little room for creativity. Especially with manga, which is written entirely in Japanese, it is difficult to expand its borders outside of Japan due to the vast majority of non-Japanese speakers. However, among the few to succeed, Tokyo Revengers was one of them. Not only with 24 impressive volumes in book form, he recently produced his film based on them.

Part of the next generation of Japanese manga and anime, Tokyo Revengers had over 40 million copies in circulation as of September 2021. It was serially published in Kodansha Weekly Magazine in March 2017. In 2020, it was released. won the 44e Kodansha Manga Award. Containing 5 different arcs, the series is guaranteed not to disappoint.

The official anime-based merchandise store has its own website for all Tokyo Revengers merchandise. Following a uniform and austere color scheme, it is meant to grab the attention of all who visit it. The website itself features a variety of different products. Ranging from Tokyo Revengers hoodies to home decor and phone cases. While site owners realize that not everyone likes flashy or extraordinary clothing, so they’ve stocked up on action figures and toys for people looking for more collectable items as well.

By browsing further, customers may find a “Buy by Category” option. This feature is designed to allow customers to find exactly what they are looking for without draining all their energy. If a buyer has come to the site with the intention of purchasing a t-shirt, they can simply select the Tokyo Revengers T-shirt filter to find all available t-shirts. Below that option, they’ve also added a “Buy by Character” feature. This feature is primarily intended for those who are trying to find a product related to their favorite character from the series or an item that may have a particular design. To make shopping easier, these two filters will direct customers to the particular items they want to see, removing unnecessary lint.

To exude excellent customer service, the site has two features for the convenience of customers who have placed their orders with them. The first is an “order tracking” capability whereby customers can know exactly where their packages are and how long it will take to deliver them, especially if they are ordering from overseas. The second is the “Contact Us” feature where people can lodge any complaints about the service or packages they have purchased from them. The site also hosts a blog titled “Five Most Powerful Quotes From Tokyo Revengers Mikey Manjiro Sano” for avid readers of the Japanese manga series.

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