Dunkin’ blamed for 3rd degree burns in 4th NJ trial

NEW JERSEY — A fourth lawsuit has been filed against coffee giant Dunkin’ by residents of New Jersey, this time claiming that a faulty cardboard drink holder caused severe burns from spilled hot coffee.

Samantha Picklo’s lawsuit claims she suffered burns so severe she jumped out of her car, ripped off her pants in the parking lot and fell on all fours screaming.

In August 2021, Picklo visited the chain’s Delran site where she ordered extra large, large and medium hot coffees and breakfast sandwiches.

As the tray passed through her car window, “the very large container of coffee was apparently not secured in the cup holder and fell forward ‘and flipped into her lap, causing her’ screaming in horrible pain” and hyperventilating, according to the lawsuit filed in Burlington County Superior Court.

The other two containers of coffee also fell and toppled into his lap, according to the lawsuit.

This caused Picklo to partially drive on U.S. Route 130, jump out of his car and take off his pants, the lawsuit said. Additionally, Picklo “was on all fours on the driver’s side of the vehicle, begging someone to give her medicine for the pain she was experiencing,” the lawsuit added.

Picklo reportedly suffered second and third degree burns to his body. A New Jersey Division of Fire Safety report said Picklo had “very severe burns, skin peeling off his leg,” according to the suit.

The incident caused Picklo “pain and suffering” and “impaired her from carrying out her usual activities and suffers permanent disabilities and disfigurement”, according to the lawsuit.

Three other separate lawsuits were also filed in April, including one by Evan Arlington and his wife Stephanie Arlington-Macisa on April 4 in Passaic County Superior Court.

The lawsuit alleges the store was “negligent in the preparation, sale and service of the coffee…in that it was too hot” in causing second and third degree burns to Arlington’s skin.

“As a result of the injuries sustained by her husband, this plaintiff suffered a loss of her husband’s aid, comfort, marital fellowship and consortium,” the complaint about the Arlington wife reads. Read more: NJ Man sues Dunkin’, claims coffee was too hot, caused severe burns

A separate lawsuit was filed on April 13, this time by a Bergen County couple alleging coffee served in 2020 was “served excessively hot coffee in a negligent and unsafe manner.”

The lawsuit claims the lid and cup were mismatched and mismatched “and as a result its excessively hot contents spilled” onto plaintiff Paul Haggerty.

Haggerty alleges that he was “painfully and permanently injured” and will “incur future medical and surgical expenses in an attempt to heal” his injuries, according to court documents. Read more: Bergen Co. man ‘permanently injured’ by Dunkin’s hot coffee: lawsuit

On April 15, a Camden County resident filed a lawsuit claiming she could no longer carry out her usual activities due to a fall at a store in Gloucester Township.

Plaintiff alleges the fall originated from Dunkin’, Chews Landing Market and Paramount Chews Landing, as well as 10 people who are not named in the lawsuit, failing to “inspect the premises, maintain the premises” and warned of any potential danger. , according to court documents. Read more: A woman chases Dunkin’ Donuts, Gloucester Twp shopping centre.

A request for comment from Dunkin’ was not immediately returned.

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