Detroit Pistons will launch a new product line today

If there’s one thing that’s sure to grab the attention of Detroit Pistons fans, it’s any kind of announcement about new uniforms or new merchandise.

Pistons Twitter nearly blew up yesterday over a grainy “leak” of next year’s uniforms that would feature the return of the dreaded teal. I hate to tell you this, but these leaks are never really leaks and some random fans on Twitter don’t get access to uniforms that haven’t even been picked or designed yet. Sorry, Teal Crusaders!

But the Pistons have announced the release of a new line of merchandise as part of their Black History Month rollout, which also includes gear honoring Rosa Parks.

The all-new merch will celebrate the long history of boxing in the Motor City, especially heavyweight Joe Louis, whose contributions to the United States have extended far beyond the boxing ring.

New Detroit Pistons merchandise pays homage to Joe Louis

Here’s a sneak peek at the new line of merchandise, which hits all Pistons team stores today:

Anyone who’s lived in or visited Detroit is sure to be familiar with “The Fist” statue that serves as a monument to Joe Louis, but young fans may not know its story.

Louis was hated by Nazis and racists around the world, as the “Brown Bomber” was not only a dominant black fighter, but spoke out against the evils of bigotry.

He was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal and was arguably one of the most influential black athletes of all time.

Please read more about him here as the man truly lived an amazing and admirable life that deserves more attention.

Many of us have been waiting for the Detroit Pistons to move to city edition uniforms that better represent the city, so hopefully this line of merchandise is the first step towards a boxing-themed city uniform or Motown.

They managed to work a bit of teal into the line (see how much better that works as a complementary color?), but I think some of the outfits are a little too busy for my liking and I wish it had a simpler and more powerful message.

But it’s cool that the Pistons are honoring a Detroit legend while giving fans more options for team merchandise.