Detroit man suspected of stealing nearly $ 8,000 in Target merchandise – The Oakland Press

A 23-year-old Detroit man suspected of stealing nearly $ 8,000 worth of merchandise from various Target stores was recently arrested in Troy for allegedly shoplifting from the Target store there.

According to the Troy Police Department, officers responded to Target at 1301 Coolidge Highway shortly before 6 p.m. for an ongoing retail fraud. The suspect was reportedly seen stealing at least two screen protectors and getting into a van in the parking lot without a license plate. Loss prevention officers at the store have told police he is a known shoplifter and has been aggressive towards them in the past.

Officers caught up with the man as he was leaving the parking lot and arrested him. The stolen screen protectors were in his pocket, police said. After giving the police several false names, he admitted his real name and the police discovered that he had several arrest warrants against him. He also had a suspended driver’s license, police said.

He was arrested and taken to the Troy Police Department Detention Center. Police said the loss prevention officers at Target said the man was suspected of committing 16 separate thefts at Target stores totaling $ 7,736.91.

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