Customer asked to put on mask threatens Seattle tobacco store workers

SEATTLE – Seattle police say they were called to a smoking room after a dispute over a mask turned into threats and racial slurs.

Officers were called to the store in the 1500 block of Broadway at 6 p.m. Tuesday for a report of a person threatening employees and causing unrest.

The woman was in a white Toyota Camry before the officers arrived.

Store workers told police the suspect was not wearing a mask when she entered the business.

When asked by employees to put one on, the suspect got angry and started screaming and swearing. She then demanded to be sold a pipe, but the workers told her that she would have to show some ID to make sure she was not a minor.

Employees said the request made the woman even angrier, and she started waving her arms as if she was going to try and hit them. She was also holding a pair of scissors.

Workers told officers she started using racist slurs and threatened to come back with friends to rob the store and burn it down.

Officers in the area said they spotted the suspect’s Toyota several blocks from the tobacco store and attempted to stop him. The woman acted as if she was going to stop for the officers, but suddenly accelerated.

The police did not pursue the driver.

A Seattle Police Department bias torts detective was notified and the sergeant spoke with the victims.