Convenience Store Delivery Startup Lula Partners With Uber To Bring Technology To All 50 States

Delivery subscription service Lula, which allows convenience stores from chains like 7 eleven to local convenience stores to list the stocks to be delivered locally, has partnered with Uber to provide service to stores across the country.

Lula co-founder Adit Gupta (which closed the real-time evaluation app Vyb amid the coronavirus pandemic) saw his family’s store struggle when the closures began. Him and co-founder Tom falzani realized that there was a market opportunity for scalable and instant delivery service without the need to build micro-fulfillment centers in the area, such as the Philly headquarters Gopuff.

The company could serve customers in the instant needs category, as well as small businesses and convenience store chains that have traditionally been shut out of this market, Gupta said. The team, which now numbers up to 19, lifted a preselection round earlier this summer.

Now it has a partnership with Uber that will allow thousands of other convenience stores to offer on-demand delivery with its technology via Uber eats.

Lula’s technology allows convenience stores to list and track their inventory for delivery by third-party drivers for a subscription fee – between $ 50 and $ 99 per location per month – and is reimbursed for purchases made through the app. every week or month, depending on their preference.

A new version of the product will be released next month, Gupta said Technically. Lula started talking to Uber this year, and support from a company as massive as Uber has helped the team grow, the co-founder said.

“They understand the lack of resources right now for these malnourished stores that want to be delivered, and they’ve given us the ability to get these stores to use our technology, to use our store as a virtual warehouse,” Gupta said.

Sustainability was a central pillar in the foundation of the startup. Lula supplies recycled paper bags to every store he works with and is moving towards disposable water bags. With this recent increase, Lula is increasing its hiring, currently focusing on marketing and operations professionals. About half of its 19-person team are currently in the Philly area, and many are Drexel University alumni, like the co-founders themselves.

Lula currently operates in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Arizona and Pennsylvania. With this partnership with Uber, Gupta said the expansion to all 50 states was “entirely doable” by the end of next year.

For Uber customers, Lula services will be available with Uber Eats, in a new category called “convenience”. The service will work like this service already does – you place an order and a driver comes to the convenience store with that inventory and delivers on demand.

“The mission has always been to help stores like my parents’ that are family or minority owned – people who don’t have the resources to start an e-commerce store,” Gupta said.


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