Cedar Rapids sportswear company struggles to find workers

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – Returning fans to sporting events are generating more business for a Cedar Rapids company, leading to a new struggle for Bimm Ridder Sportswear: finding enough workers to meet demand.

Billy Heller’s 2020 year has started on a good note, with a new job at Bimm Ridder Sportswear. Like most of us, the year has passed quickly.

“I just started getting into the beat and then a few months later everyone except one artist was fired,” Heller said. “So I was out of work, and that never happens. “

Heller returned to Bimm Ridder last month from the production side. This is where they need help the most, as the company posted record sales last month.

“I don’t think they can call, if I’m being honest,” Heller said. “It’s crazy you know. We can use about 10-15 more people.

Gary Ficken, chairman of Bimm Ridder, said they lost 79% of their income last year due to the pandemic. Now they are bouncing back with fans attending live sporting events.

“Now that the fans can come back and sit in the stadium, there is a lot of pent-up demand,” Ficken said. “This has resulted in increased sales for our teams. “

Ficken says they went from 34 full-time workers to just four at the height of the pandemic. Now they are trying to rehire workers but are struggling to fill the list.

“Someone who has printed in the past,” Ficken said, describing an ideal candidate. “Or basically, just inclined to mechanics who would be able to get back to work quickly with training. “

People can go through Bimm Ridder to apply. They are located at 817 2nd Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403.

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