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Bobae: One stop shop for your coffee and boba needs

When I first walked into Bobae Coffee & Tea in Woodinville, I immediately noticed a difference. Instead of the usual espresso choices listed on the wall, I found options like Nitro Jasmine Silver Tip Milk Tea, White Chocolate Lavender Milk Tea, and Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Lemonade. Before I could even feel overwhelmed, I was greeted […]

Seattle-based startup Intentionalist partners with Apple to direct customers to LGBTQ businesses on the Maps app

During the Intentionalist Spend With Pride event. (Intentionalist photo) Intentionalist, a Seattle-based startup that promotes small business, has partnered with Apple to connect users to LGBTQ-owned businesses through its Guides feature on the Maps app. With the “Spend With Pride” guide, available on iPhone, iPad and Mac, users in Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Los […]

Seattle heatwave closes restaurants after pandemic

The 100+ degree heat in the Pacific Northwest was unlike anything the region has seen before and the effect on the restaurant industry was stifling and overwhelming. As temperatures rose to incredibly high levels for the normally temperate climate, restaurants rushed to continue service, many housed in buildings without cooling or air conditioning. For many […]

Grocery stores, restaurants suffering from the thermal dome of the Northwest

Photo: Nathan Howard (Getty Images) We already have I told you that this morning on the effects of the Pacific Northwest thermal dome on the region’s oyster beds. But many other businesses are suffering, including grocery stores and food trucks, which were absolutely not equipped to withstand temperatures above 100 degrees. (And why would they […]

Where to Buy Weed Online – Top Brands for Buying Recreational Cannabis

Marijuana is illegal federally, but many states have opened the doors to legalization. The move allows many U.S. residents to purchase buds, concentrates, edibles, tinctures and oils online and at dispensaries. Many people wonder if it is wise to buy online since you cannot see or touch the product until you buy it; However, buying […]