Bloomfield Gelato Shop Sells New Jersey Attitude With Every Scoop

BLOOMFIELD, NJ — A Bloomfield ice cream and sorbet shop known for its unwavering “Jersey” attitude will reopen after a winter hiatus this weekend.

On Saturday, APEM Creamery // Sorbetteria will open for the season at 870 Broad Street. And as usual, husband and wife team Alex Saneski and Jennifer Ko will show their New Jersey pride with every ball served.

Some of the flavors that will be available this weekend include:

  • The left lane is reserved for overtaking! – lemon, vanilla pod, blueberries (an ode to Jersey highways)
  • Blabbermouth – lemon meringue crust (inspired by Uncle Junior in “The Sopranos”)
  • cannoli filling – ricotta & stracciatella

During the growing season, the couple also harvest many ingredients for their creations from their garden, including spearmint, lemon thyme, tomatoes, ghost peppers, Carolina Reaper peppers and rhubarb, as well as corn. and locally sourced Jersey blueberries.

Another inspiration is drawn from New Jersey’s unique pop culture, and it shows in the way they market the business.

“The most direct path to happiness is to focus on seasonal and simple things,” Saneski writes of the company. website. “Cut the **** bull.”

And what does he think of New Jersey?

“Obviously the best state in America,” Saneski said, calling the restaurant “a love letter to New Jersey.”

Here’s the quick version of the shop’s origin story:

“Jennifer Ko and Alex Saneski. Two former students of The French Culinary Institute when it was still called that. He was director of Il Laboratorio del Gelato in New York, then they both moved to California and opened Cremeux Ex Machina in the San Francisco Bay Area where they set up their dairy on an organic dairy farm and bought and sold their gelato and sorbet at various farmers markets, especially the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.Then Alex s was bored of California so they moved back to Jersey and opened a little place in Bloomfield. Boom there’s history now, come here cause we do everyday and miss everyday. STOP.

Spring hours will be 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday and Friday and 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

To mark Earth Day on April 22, the company will accept and match donations to the New Jersey Conservation Foundation on Saturday and Sunday.

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