Auto shop finds teeth and hair in fatal pedestrian crash under New Jersey car

An auto body shop in suburban New Jersey on Monday found human remains in the grille and undercarriage of a car, which investigators believe were from a fatal crash involving multiple pedestrians in December on the New Jersey’s Turnpike.

The Good Year Auto store in Linden, a town just west of New York’s borough of Staten Island, declined to comment on Tuesday “out of respect for both parties – the customer and the victim.”

Linden Police Department Capt. Christopher Guenther said the woman was involved in the ‘documented’ crash in the pre-dawn hours of December 29 in which a man pushing a shopping cart was fatally hit on the freeway New Jersey toll by several cars. .

No charges are pending against the woman who brought her car for service at the Linden Auto Shop, and Guenther said the Linden Police Department turned their investigation over to the Essex County Medical Examiner because the driver’s car was inspected after the incident and “for all the right reasons these body parts were not discovered during the initial investigation.”

“She may have thought she had crushed some kind of debris, but it turned out to be leftovers,” Guenther said. “She wasn’t the first vehicle to hit, and for some reason this thing was under her car for about a month.”

Two of the drivers were injured in the incident near Newark, reported.