Animal rescue group sells goods to save stray animals

A non-profit organization sells different types of merchandise including 2022 diaries to raise money to save abandoned dogs and cats.

STRAY Love PH Founder Geraldine Therese Lim said the Stray Club is an active animal rescue organization that rescues stray dogs and cats that have been run over, including abandoned animals that are neglected and abused.

“Pag in an emergency, our group is here,” she said in an interview with TeleRadyo.

An avowed animal lover, Lim said she used to tag friends and well-known people whenever she saw videos of animals in need of rescue before forming her own group.

However, rescuing stray animals is expensive. Lim said a visit to the vet for crushed stray dogs could be as high as 30,000 P. Some dogs and cats have malignant tumors, others have severed limbs.

“We only have a few donors. So even if maraming nag reacts to his messages, kakaunti lang talaga ‘yung nagdo-donate,” she said.

To raise funds, she said the group decided to make their own products, including hoodies, tumblers, shirts and diaries.

From the start, she said the planners were a success with many orders coming in through Shopee.

“We didn’t expect planners to be so successful. Ang tagal kasi nating walang planner …

Lim urged people to be more kind to animals, especially stray animals.

“We want to encourage more people to show a little more compassion for cases like this – mga inabandonang aso at pusa na ibinibigay sa city pound at pinapatay lang after 3 days,” she said.

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