ANC merchandise sells out fast at conference

Kefiyahs, scarves won to show solidarity with Palestine and the Taliban faction, are among the top-selling items at the ANC’s provincial conference in KwaZulu-Natal.

Phumelele Ngema, a vendor selling the scarves, said she was told to stock up on the scarves.

“People who bought it said it was to show solidarity with Palestine in their war against Israel, but there are other things I’ve heard that I don’t know about,” he said. she declared.

The witness understands that the scarves are worn by members of the Taliban faction within the ANC.

This faction supports Sboniso Duma for the post of president of the ANC KZN and Bheki Mtoli for the post of provincial secretary.

Ngema, from Durban, is among many vendors selling ANC badges outside the Olive Convention Center in Durban, where the conference is taking place.

“I’m a military veteran but due to a shortage of jobs I ended up doing this,” she said.

Gettie Mashele is an ANC merchandiser from Tshwane.

Mashele said she travels the country selling ANC badges at the party’s various conferences and lekgotlas.

“So far (business) not bad. It’s slow but not bad. It depends on the weather because if it’s hot it’s the bucket hats and t-shirts that sell out and when it starts to get cold, socks, scarves and jackets sell out,” she said.

Mashele said selling ANC badges required a permit from the party for permission to put their logos on clothing.

Mashele said she was an ANC supporter herself.