AFL Grand Final: Goods for Melbourne Demons and Western Bulldogs are already selling at Optus Stadium

If you’re going to be one of the lucky 60,000 fans to secure a ticket to the historic Perth Grand Finals, you’ve got to watch the play.

But if you haven’t already hung your AFL merchandise, you might be disappointed.

Hours before the rebound, Grand Final merchandise was nearly sold out at Optus Stadium, with long lines spanning all seven outlets.

Football fans are urged to get in quickly, there is only a limited supply left, even four hours before the start of the match.

Camera iconThe queue for the Grand Final merchandise at Optus Stadium this afternoon. Credit: Justin benson-cooper/West Australian

The Melbourne Demons and Western Bulldogs kits sold at equal rates, according to staff, with the West Aussies embracing their visitors to the east coast.

But eBay reported that die-hard Demons fans – and possibly a few others who have jumped on the bandwagon – have started an online storm looking for the club’s merchandise.

Hearts and wallets beat red and blue, proving Melbourne’s hopes of breaking a 57-year drought in government made them the people’s choice over working-class Western Bulldogs.

These fans arrived early for their merchandise before it sold out.
Camera iconThese fans arrived early for their merchandise before it sold out. Credit: Justin benson-cooper/West Australian

While Bulldogs fans also showed a determined appetite for the shopping contest ahead of the grand finale, the Demons were the big winners in coalface merchandising – especially in the search for the tribal football icon, the scarf.

Records showed that since the start of the AFL Finals Series, the purchase of Melbourne scarves through eBay has jumped 1,617 percent. The number of Bulldogs scarves purchased also jumped – 487 percent.

Sales of Melbourne Guernsey were also up 868% compared to Bulldogs riders, increasing 243%.

“AFL football finals fever has struck – especially for Demons fans who haven’t seen a Prime Minister win since 1964,” said Sophie Onikul of eBay Australia.

“The Demons are at least winning the merchandising battle, with fans keen to show their colors. But it remains to be seen whether this show of additional support will translate into a victory. “