AEW bought every blank t-shirt in America for CM Punk merchandise

AEW Chairman Tony Khan said the company has purchased all blank T-shirts in the country to prepare enough CM Punk merchandise.

The president of All Elite Wrestling, Tony Khan, has been all-in on CM Punk, including its products.

“I was not surprised by the number of shirts we have sold,” Khan said on the Le Batard and his Friends – South Beach Sessions Podcast. “I had said everyone had to print shirts on the bridge and they printed some, I think, as many as they could as fast as they could, and we’ll keep putting out a lot of merchandise to make sure that anyone can get their CM Punk merchandise. “

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“We have, in fact, for the ringer tee, the blanks, we bought the nationwide supply of that style of t-shirt because that’s how big the demand for CM Punk products is in this. moment, “he continued. “When I say everything clicks so well, that’s an understatement because to set your merchandise record, your attendance record, then Guinness World Records is ringing today saying they think it might be the applause the strongest, biggest pop a wrestler ever got is pretty cool too. So in terms of fan satisfaction, for all of our big fans and merchandise sales, I think for our TV audience , this is going to be really, really great for us. As we continue to grow, I think just for the fans, if you wanted to find a reason – if you were looking for something to motivate yourself to get back into wrestling, that was it. That’s it. “

Khan’s comments match photos that began circulating right after Punk made his AEW debut on August 20, which saw rows of souvenir booths wrapped around sections of the arena.

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Punk’s return, while not much of a secret, was still considered by many to be one of pro wrestling’s biggest surprises for quite some time. Though he didn’t compete, Punk’s promo in front of his hometown crowd in Chicago, IL, made it clear that his passion had been rekindled after a seven-year absence from the Square Circle. He also challenged Darby Allin to a game in September All out pay per view.

In 2014, Punk left WWE on bad terms and continued to practice mixed martial arts. After his short stint in the UFC, we briefly returned to WWE as an analyst before moving on again.

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Source: Le Batard and his Friends – South Beach Sessions, via Combatant

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