Adele’s canceled concerts in Las Vegas have fans singing along to her songs

LAS VEGAS — Many Adele fans seemed ready to call her “Water Under the Bridge,” even after the singer left thousands angry and disappointed after her Las Vegas residency was canceled at the last minute. .

On Friday evening, instead of preparing to enter Caesars Palace Coliseum for Adele’s high-profile arrival, groups of fans lined up on just-opening weekends with the Adele merchandise store adjacent to the venue.

An apology from the singer – “I’m so upset I’m not being with you tonight,” he began – was written on a mirrored wall inside the store, telling fans to “if he please hang out and look at the outfits, take pictures of whatever you want.”

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Late Thursday afternoon, Adele abruptly announced the postponement of her shows, which were to play at the Colosseum every weekend until April.

She took to social media to post a tearful video.

“I’m so sorry, but my show isn’t ready. We tried absolutely everything we could to get it on time and to get it good enough for you, but we’ve been completely destroyed by the delays in delivery and COVID – half my team is down with COVID, they still are – and it was impossible to finish the show… I can’t give you what I have right now.

So while devotees were denied the opportunity to witness Adele’s vocal prowess in person, they could drop $75 on a bottle of Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir bearing her name (“It’s her favorite,” a noted an employee), $90 on a hoodie bearing “Adele 30” — a nod to her current album — or $50 on a t-shirt.

A nod to Adele's new song,

Some who browsed the store’s merchandise were dismissed by members of Adele’s team, who FaceTimed the singer for a few minutes.

Amiah Shaw, 19, from San Francisco, was one of the randomly selected people and chatted with Adele, who said she was back home in Los Angeles, for about five minutes.

“She apologized for the show,” Shaw said. “I understood why she had to cancel – health comes first. But (the video call) made my year.

Fans who showed their concert ticket at the merchandise store – for any show during the race – received a tote bag containing an Adele t-shirt, magnets and a specialist keyring. The store will continue to offer apology loot to ticket holders.

Those still clamoring for the chance to sing the superstar’s greatest hits “Easy on Me” decided to stage their own song on the steps of the Colosseum.

At 8 p.m., when attendees would have been in their seats waiting for the show to begin, around 20 die-hards circled the steps of the Colosseum and burst into a few Adele songs, including a lively rendition of “Rolling in the Deep”.

Jennifer Strotman, 39, went to Adele’s concert at Wembley Stadium in 2017 – which was also postponed. A group of fans in attendance began singing Adele’s songs in solidarity, so Strotman wanted to hold a similar rally in Las Vegas.

“We do it out of love and respect,” Strotman said. And even though she traveled from Denver and was once again denied a live Adele experience, her fandom is rebellious.

“She did the right thing by not moving the show forward. We love her and she’s remorseful,” Strotman said. “When she reschedules, we’ll be there.”