A teenager who hit his victim with a bottle of prosecco is locked up

A teenager who hit a man in the head with a bottle of prosecco in a town shop has been sentenced to nine months in juvenile detention by the Royal Court.

The minor, who had 24 previous offenses, admitted to the assault and also pleaded guilty to receiving £278 worth of stolen clothing, vandalizing a hand sanitizer dispenser and smashing a bin in Millennium Town Park.

He was also convicted of a separate assault at a Springfield cafe when he held a chair above his head and kicked a man. The offenses were committed while the defendant was under a probation order imposed by the youth court.

In a judgment, the Royal Court said that in the first incident, at an Alliance store, the accused was among four boys and two girls in an “aggressive group” who were hanging out outside the store.

After the victim entered the store, the accused followed him and the victim was attacked with a “flurry of punches”. The accused then armed himself with a bottle of sparkling wine, hitting the victim twice above the head before falling to the ground. Other members of the group tried to kick him in the body and in the head.

Commissioner Sir William Bailhache, chairman, told the defendant he seemed to think he was not wrong.

“I say this because you apparently consider the brawl victim, whom you hit with the bottle, to have deserved it for what he did, and you consider the man who approached you in the [Springfield] cafe to tell you to get your feet off the table shouldn’t have done it and he was aggressive.

“And the other offenses show that you have no respect for other people’s property,” he said.

Sir William added that the court could find no alternative to a custodial sentence.

He said: “You can continue on the path you are on, which we are all concerned will lead to you possibly spending a long time in detention in the future, or you can take control of your life with the help you is offered.’

Jurats Jerry Ramsden and Kim Averty were also seated.