A Guide to Mocktails in Hoboken + Jersey City

Whether you’re watching Dry January or just want to try something different, mocktails have come a long way from the sweet Shirley temples of the past. Mocktails are the perfect refreshment to enjoy if you are looking for a non-alcoholic drink. They are perfect for socializing, having a nice meal or sipping after a long day. You can find these drinks in a growing number of bars and restaurants and we’ve made a list for you in Hoboken and Jersey City. Read on for a full list of where to find mocktails in the area.


Antique Bar & Bakery | 122 willow avenue

(Photo credit: @antique_bar_bakery)

For the past 30 years, Antique Bakery has served Hoboken residents, even Frank Sinatra, fresh baked goods. Over the past five years, the bakery has been transformed into a bar serving a full menu of craft cocktails in addition to specialty breads and pastries. Guests can also enjoy specialty mocktails, including the Mr. Freedom, made with fresh watermelon, mint, and freshly squeezed lime.

Another mocktail is the Johnny Friendly, made with tangy fresh ginger, sage, freshly squeezed lemon and a splash of agave. The final mocktail on the menu is the All the Way, featuring charred blackberries cooked right in the famous charcoal oven, freshly squeezed lemon juice and sparkling water for extra bubbles.

Belo Bar | 104 Hudson Street

belo bar hoboken

(Photo credit: @belobar)

Belo Bar is a piano bar with live music and lots of jazz and good vibes. There is friendly service, cocktails and a wide variety of wines from around the world. The menu offers small plates of all cuisines and in addition, the bar offers mocktails. On request, the bartender can turn any drink into a mocktail. The Spicy Watermelon Margarita Mocktail is a fan favorite.

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Halifax | W Hotel, 225 River Street

halifax hoboken

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Located on the waterfront in Hoboken, Halifax is housed in the W Hotel and serves mocktails that embrace all the flavors of a cocktail, minus the hangover of course. The bartender uses base juices including orange and pineapple with simple syrup, grenadine, lemon and lime juice. Maraschino cherries, basil, herbs and elaborate garnishes are used to spice up the drinks.

by Olivia | 1038 Garden Street

olivia hoboken

(Photo credit: @olivias_nj)

This Mediterranean spot is relatively new to the Hoboken scene but has already won over its neighbors with its warm hospitality and tasty cuisine. There are dedicated mocktails on the menu, including Mare Nostrum, Aguamala, and El Shirley Temple. Some ingredients used include pineapple, lime juice, wild berries, and elderflower.

Oral Mexican Cuisine | 1426 Willow Avenue, Hoboken + 341 Grove Street, Jersey City

oral mexican cuisine

(Photo credit: @oralemk)

When Mexican cuisine calls, always answer! If a boozy margarita isn’t in the future but you still want to enjoy the flavors, try enjoying a mocktail margarita. The virgin piña colada combines pineapple, coconut, and lime to create a sweet and flavorful dinnertime treat.

Siren | 1039 Washington Street

sirenetta hoboken

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Directly across from Sorellina’s wine bar is Sirenetta Oyster Bar, its sister restaurant. The bar offers a non-alcoholic menu, organized by flavor profile: refreshing, spicy or sweet. The idea is for waiters to ask what style of mocktail customers would like, and then the bar will make them a drink based on their preferences.

sorelina | 1036 Washington Street

Sorellina Hoboken

(Photo credit: @sorellinahoboken)

Sorellina is an Italian food and wine bar located on Washington Street. With a selection of over 100 wines, the restaurant also offers non-alcoholic cocktails. One of the most popular mocktails is the Basilica, which is served with white grapefruit, honey, basil, and club soda.

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The Sinatra Room | 36-42 Newark Street

the sinatra hoboken room

(Photo credit: @thesinatraroom)

Located below Monroe’s restaurant, The Sinatra Room is a speakeasy designed and decorated in honor of Frank Sinatra. There’s a dedicated mocktail menu with punny names and inventive drinks. Look for the Wake Me Up, which uses cold brew, cinnamon syrup and creamy chai to blend into a refreshing drink. Other mocktails use herbal teas for flavorful bases, including the Pop the Pom, which is made with Vibal Energy Tea Pomegranate, Mango, Mint, Lime, and Club Soda.

Touch the heart | 324 Washington Street

touching heart hoboken

(Photo credit: @touchtheheart_hoboken)

This Chinese dim sum restaurant features unique dishes with love in every bite, fresh flowers for sale weekly, a variety of antiques and food items, and a chic location all around – but owners Dan and Anne Marie want let you know that while they will be serving food, cocktails, selling flowers and antiques, Touch the Heart is more of an experience than a restaurant or store. It offers a non-alcoholic menu, with four non-alcoholic specialties available by the glass or pitcher. We love Thai basil lemonade for a refreshing sweet and savory mix.

City of Jersey

Friend Ramen House | 218 Newark Avenue

ani ramen jersey city

(Photo credit: @animamen)

Located in downtown Jersey City on Newark Avenue, Ami Ramen House offers a wide selection of mocktails to suit every taste. Customers can choose from Kobe Refresher, Kyoto Grapefruit Fizz, Strawberry Sendai, or Mango Slush. The Kobe Refresher is a fan favorite and is made with oolong, lychee, ginger, and lemon for a refreshing, sweet taste.

Frankie | 264 Grove Street

Frankie city jersey

(Photo credit: @frankieeatsjc)

The sunny and bright atmosphere of this downtown restaurant is the perfect match for the tasty, fresh and seasonal menu, and the mocktails are no exception.


Written by: Ashley Davidson

Ashley’s current home base is Hoboken, for a year now (which she says has been her best year yet). Moved in the middle of Covid to pursue a job she dreamed of and enjoys from Hoboken’s restaurants, views and community. Originally from Jersey Shore, which will always be her home, she earned a degree in business management and entrepreneurship from Florida State University. She spent a year of her university life in Valencia, Spain, embracing and learning about the culture while visiting as many countries as possible. Although her day job is as a social media coordinator, Ashley enjoys taking photos, enjoying a strong cup of coffee or a strong drink (after 5pm, of course) in her free time.