7 Fun Shops in Seattle Selling Items Perfect for Your Quirky Friend

Whether you’re a quirky friend or looking for a gift you’re sure no one else has, these seven Seattle stores have you covered.

We bet you’ve never even surveyed most of the items these stores sell.

Here are seven quirky Seattle shops selling things your quirkier friends will love.

Ugly baby shop

With a name like Ugly Baby Shop, you just to know this place doesn’t take itself too seriously. The shop features local artists while focusing on DIY kits and enamel pins. The shop is the first in the world to sell Shower Art: art that hangs in your shower thanks to a suction cup. This shop is perfect for the person who has everything.

Location: 1430 Western Avenue, Seattle
Call: 206-696-0089
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Archie McPhee

Mark McPhee, Archie’s great-nephew, has been providing gifts and toys to Seattle residents since 1983. The shop started in Mark’s garage, where he sold knick-knacks and other random items. The neighbors couldn’t get enough of his goofy shop, which prompted Mark to open a veritable storefront in big-city Seattle. This shop is perfect for adults who have never really lost their childlike wonder.

Location: 1300 North 45th Street, Seattle
Call: 206-297-0240
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Poppylion is both a hair salon and a ritual shop. If you’re in the spirit and wizarding world, grab something cool like a cauldron, book, magic candles, and more.

Location: 763 Broadway, Tacoma
Call: 360-632-3666
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retail therapy

Retail Therapy specializes in apparel, gifts, art and accessories created by independent artists and designers. Whether you’re looking for cartoon-themed chocolates, fun cards, candles, or fun mugs, this shop has it all. This store is perfect for those who love fun sayings and themed gifts.

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Sunday 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Location: 905 Pike Street, Seattle
Call: 206-324-4092
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Brick and mortar books

Pick up a few titles from Brick and Mortar Books. The bookstore also sells games and socks and offers a multitude of cards to buy. You can shop in store, call the store at 425-869-0606 or email them at [email protected]brickandmortarbooks.com for availability and ordering. This shop is perfect for book lovers – duh.

Seattle Prism

Prism’s accessories are everywhere – in a great way, of course. The shop sells items you won’t find elsewhere, including astrological puzzles, wacky socks, tableware and more. This shop is perfect for trendsetters.

Location: 5208 Ballard Avenue NW, Seattle
Call: 206-245-4645
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Alair Seattle

Alair Seattle seems to have it all. Whether you’re looking for clothes, household items, office supplies, books, bath products or small trinkets, you’ll find it here. This shop is perfect for those who really don’t know what they want.

Location: 3270 California Avenue SW, Seattle
Call: 206-257-1219
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