49ers prediction vs Seahawks and Seattle coffee recommendation

The 49ers need a win in Seattle on Sunday. While it’s still a scary proposition for San Francisco, this Seahawks team doesn’t quite have the teeth that teams of yore had.

Zoom in on this season, although the two clubs have gone in opposite directions since Week 4, when the Seahawks knocked out the 49ers 28-21 at Levi’s Stadium. Seattle has only one win since that game. San Francisco has notched four wins since then.

To try and understand what’s going on in the Pacific Northwest, we reached out to our friend Tim Weaver, the editor of the Seahawks Wire, to discuss a Seattle club in the throes of a brawl ahead of Sunday’s Lumen showdown. Field:

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Tim Weaver: There are a lot of reasons. Their pass protection has been poor and play calls have been even worse, but that has been the case for most of Russell Wilson’s career and it has generally gone well. The difference this year is that Wilson just isn’t himself. Since returning from the IR with his finger injury, Wilson has never played near his full potential. It got a little better every week, but it’s still not close to 100%. It is possible that the finger is still bothering him. However, it is just not mentally developed as you would expect. Wilson’s game covered a lot of holes in the roster, but now there’s nowhere to hide with him struggling.

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TW: Almost all. There’s nothing he can do to get Wilson injured and struggling since his return, but at the end of the day it’s his team and his vision, so it’s his failure. I think Geno Smith would have given them a better chance of winning at least against Green Bay and Arizona and they should have replaced him when it was clear Wilson was floundering. More importantly, the attacking playcall is totally out of whack. There is no feeling, no layering and very few surprises. It’s predictable and easy to defend regardless of the opponent. The OC Shane Waldron is to be blamed there, but it’s Carroll’s staff and so ultimately on him.

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TW: Definitely the offense. The defense was on a historically poor pace in the first month of the season, but this unit has improved dramatically as the season goes. Jamal Adams and Quandre Diggs play fantastic cover at the back and linebacker Jordyn Brooks completed a 180 total lap after a brutal start. Basically, they changed things more effectively and now they are almost the best defensemen in the league. They still struggle to get off the field on the third down, but they are very good in the red zone and give up some explosive plays.

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TW: Wilson just needs to perform better, that’s really the only answer I have. It doesn’t matter if they start their game with Adrian Peterson or someone else if they don’t get a Pro Bowl level of play at QB. I can safely say they could beat the Lions, but that’s about it. 30 other teams can probably beat them at the moment.

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TW: It’s been a while since I lived in Seattle, but I have a soft spot for the Hangar Cafe in the Georgetown neighborhood, south of the city. Excellent coffee and the best pancakes I have ever had. It’s also right next to an airstrip, so you can see planes coming and going every few minutes.

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TW: The Seahawks have lost a lot of close games this year and I honestly believe they are better than their record suggests. However, I no longer have any confidence in their ability to achieve miraculous returns which was sort of all they had done their best. They can’t go out of their way to save their lives and have played exactly one quality complementary football game all year round. Niners 28, Seahawks 21.

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