20+ spots to buy vintage in the DMV

There is no shortage of history when it comes to the DC area. But while many foreigners tend to turn to monuments and statues for fills with yesteryear, anyone who lives in the DMV will tell you that vintage shops are the place for old-fashioned shades. Here is a list of just a few of the many DMV vintage shops that carry on the fashions of the past today.

Merged clothes
Describing itself as the go-to place for all things Broadway and beyond, Amalgamated Clothing is your destination for the Mid-Atlantic look. From Gatsby-inspired flappers to post-war rockabilly, this woman-owned company carries the torch of timeless fashion. 5179 B Lee Highway. Arlington, Virginia; amalgamated-clothing.com // @amalgamatedshop

Nothing beats the beauty of a well-written letter. And at Analog by Brookland, you can get your hands on the finest stationery while browsing a huge selection of vintage clothing. Got a friend in Seattle who loves houndstooth hats? Send one with a handmade letter from Analog. 716 Monroe St. Studio 5 NE, DC; boutiqueanalog.com // @shopanalog

Tailor-made, not broken
Imagine if you could get your hands on the golden attire of our country’s legislators. Now stop imagining and head to Bespoke, Not Broke in Takoma Park. This black-owned DMV staple is an authority on high-end vintage and has grabbed headlines as a top store for those with refined tastes. 7042 Carroll Ave. Takoma Park, MD; bespokenotbroke.com // @bespokenotbroke

bottle of bread
Independent designers and vintage enthusiasts, rejoice. Baltimore’s own Bottle of Bread is a boutique that features the best in pre-’90s fashion and serves as a vehicle for local creatives looking to share their work. Discover the best of DMV craftsmanship while exploring the vast world of vintage clothing. 216 W Read St. Baltimore, MD; shopbottleofbread.com // @bouteilledepain

Common thread at SWATCHROOM
Vintage fashion will always be at its best with Common Thread by SWATCHROOM in-game. Led by the dynamic and fashion-savvy Lauren Gay, this DC fixture not only knows vintage, but also knows how to make vintage timeless. Setting the trends is one thing, but Gay has proven time and time again that she sets the trends.1268 4th Street NE, DC; swatchroom.com/commonthread // @commonthreaddc

Ella Street
With the fashion choices of Quartier Ella Rue, you should know that everything is treated with the greatest care. Launched by two sisters who immortalized the wisdom of their fashionable grandmother, this must-have spares no expense when it comes to handling garments that require a little extra love and care. 3231 P St. NW, DC; ella-rue.com // @shopellarue

Evolution Home
It’s a saying as old as time, but it still rings true: “Buy a house, build a house”. And at Alexandria’s Evolution Home, you have a whole world of delightful furniture to turn your base into an HGTV envy. From an extensive catalog of vintage classics to staging services offering the best in timeless decorating, Evolution Home truly defies nature with its taste and style. 6239 Shields Avenue Alexandria, Virginia; evolution-home.com //

Falls Church Antiques Center
While it’s amazing that the DMV is such a hot spot for vintage appreciation, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen the Falls Church Antique Center. A shop jam-packed with the most intriguing collectibles, this storefront is proud to be part of the Antique Trail online, a confederation of stores that carry only the best in antiques. 250 W Broad St. Falls Church, Virginia; fallschurchantiquecenter.com

Fia’s fabulous finds
Sometimes it’s hard to find variety in women’s fashion. But with Fia’s Fabulous Finds, finding variety is easier than brewing a cup of tea. A storefront dedicated to dressing all kinds of women at an affordable price, Fia’s is the place to be for anyone making a fashion-forward change. Change style to
a DC company that will lift your spirits every step of the way. 806 Upshur Street NW, DC; fiasfabfinds.tumblr.com // @fiasfabfinds

good wood
While it may not be Tiffany’s, GoodWood on U Street is still the kind of fancy establishment where Audrey Hepburn would eat breakfast. Reminiscent of the classic American retailer, GoodWood is your first stop for on-trend clothing, classic consignments and conversation-starting décor at your next house party. 1428 U St. NW, DC; goodwooddc.com // @goodwooddc

Etsy shops are in spades but no one rises above the ranks better than Richmond’s Heirloomen. Arguably the number one online store for all your 1950s fashion needs, scrolling through this store will give you the wardrobe to stage the best production of “Grease” in the entire DMV. etsy.com/shop/heirloomen // @heritage

Junkworks Antiques
One person’s trash is another’s treasure – and when you shop at Junkworks Antiques, it’s hard not to come across reused gold. From vintage advertisements to obscure relics, this store’s inventory cannot be defined by the average antique fan. At Junkworks, you need to think outside the box. Or better yet, ditch the box altogether. 125 E Baltimore St. Hagerstown, MD; junkworksantiques.bigcartel.com // @junkworksantiques

It wouldn’t be a vintage roundup if we didn’t have the legendary Lucketts on our list. This Leesburg staple is the vintage store that does DMV vintage. With an inventory that will scratch all your antique cravings, it’s no wonder the whole vintage world has been eagerly waiting for this stellar spot to reopen its doors to the public. 42350 Lucketts Road. Leesburg, Virginia; chancettstore.com // @luckettstore

When Treasury Vintage’s Cathy Chung first acquired Meeps Vintage in 2012, she set her sights on one of the biggest revamps in the world of vintage shopping. And almost 10 years later, we can never thank her enough. Claiming to be a haven for the quirky, this hotspot is for anyone looking to get a little quirky and experience the best fashion from the 60s to today. 2104 18th St. NW, DC; meepsdc.com // @meepsfashionette

by Miss Pixie
No one in the District can talk about vintage decor without mentioning Miss Pixie’s. A 14th Street staple admired by all who pass by, this store has proven itself with a collection of unique furniture that seeks to shock and amaze. The only problem with shopping
at Miss Pixie’s, it’s so hard to stop yourself from buying every piece in store. 1626 14th St. NW, DC; misspixes.com // @misspixiesdc

Pretty classy DC
Pretty, chic, and filled with all manner of classics, this Wisconsin Avenue storefront is a go-to spot for every fashionista in the district. From luxurious Alexander Wang handbags to jaw-dropping Chanel dresses, Pretty Chic is the definitive destination for anyone with a style palette steeped in history and luxury. 1671 Wisconsin Ave. NW, DC; prettychicdc.com // @prettychicdc

Redz Trading
Walking a fine line between sustainable and fashionable, Reddz Trading is not only owner Wendy Red’s passion project, but also a great way to unite DC trend setters. Offering instant cash to anyone who gifts their wardrobe’s hidden gems, this DMV strength for a good look into the future with care, concern, and taste for exquisite fashion. 1413 Wisconsin Ave. NW, DC + 7801 Woodmont Ave. Bethesda, MD; reddztrading.com // @reddztradingstyle

Relume Co.
How is it possible that one online store offers so much? At Relume Co., you can find everything from scented soy candles to lovingly crafted quilted coats. It’s a virtual nirvana for anyone who appreciates fashionable items made with love and precision. And be sure to stay tuned for DIY events and amazing offers from Relume. relumeco.com // @relume_co

Squill + Moon
We all have something that runs in the family. And at Scilla + Luna, it’s obvious that good taste comes naturally. Mary Pat and Eli are a dynamic mother-daughter team that specializes in all things vintage and well-crafted. From body care products to out-of-this-world clothing, everything at Scilla + Luna is held with the utmost care and all the love a family can offer. 1675 Wisconsin Ave. NW, DC; scillaandluna.com // @scillaandluna

An online store launched by forward-thinking music photographer Cassandra Marie, this Etsy hotspot is ideal for anyone looking to make a statement with their wardrobe. From 1950s varsity sweaters to fabulous cheetah trim blazers, this marvelous collection is just a private rendezvous away from your closet. etsy.com/shop/speakvintagedc // @speakvintagefashion

suffragette town
Straight out of Maryland’s SoHy Arts District is a hotspot that celebrates the best in local vintage fashion. Suffragette City is your next destination for vintage shopping that not only leaves you looking fashionable, but also seeking out the wonderful creations of the DMV. 5132 Baltimore Ave Hyattsville, MD; suffragettecityvtg.com // @suffragettecityvtg

Vintage and Charmed
Not every vintage store can have an owner as charismatic as Ms. Lynette Fefe of Vintage and Charmed. A DC native who’s always had an eye for exquisite fashion, Lynette started out as the fashion friend who went on to rise to the top of the vintage DMV, now featured in the finest markets and considered a standout addition at any event. @vintageandcharmed

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